Monday, January 28, 2013

Unassisted Childbirth

A trend that seems to be growing by the minute is Unassisted Childbirth. I can just imagine all the thoughts that might be coming your way as soon as I said this. What are your thoughts on this- without passing judgement on those who consider this option.

Do we believe that the mind can control how we feel? 

Here is a quick interview by Laura Shanley based on her book about Unassisted Childbirth.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome Winter

The weather feels like -26 today, this prompted me to write about the true warmth of winter... 

During the winter my little guy is especially active. It may have something to do with the shorter days.  We have a predictable rhythm and focus on warmth.

Our mornings start with a pot of herbal tea. A big red one, recently picked up on sale. We prefer literally only a few drops of honey.  Sweets even if from natural sources cause my boy to be especially spirited first thing in the morning.

Our play is centered around the winter season. 

My boy covered head to toe in his snowsuit, jacket, wool scarf, wool mittens, and wool hat ready to play outdoors. Running around working up a sweat.

Indoor my little guy plays with props and felt to create a winter display. Using knitted animals, wooden peg dolls,  acorns and pine cones- you can create magical winter play.

We observe and create stories whilst looking at picture books about winter. No written words needed. Just a vivid imagination. 

We make snowflakes, crooked and unsymmetrical-a work of art for a three year old. A lovely tutorial available on Bumbles & Light blog.

On days when the snow is pouring down flake by flake, we peak out our windows and watch it spread over the ground like a big white sheet.

On focusing around the warmth, we made our own beeswax-dipped candles. Although being the softhearted Mother I am, I could not bring myself to actually light them and see them melt.  Soon enough I will let them go and use them for their purpose!

Boiling a pot of vegetable soup. Keeps our bodies warm on these cold winter days.

Knitted and wool slippers keep our toes warm.

Our living room literally covered with soft fuzzy blankets all over.

Mama brings out her yarn and knits away. Baba keeps us warm with his big bear hugs. Zakariya reminds us what winter meant to us when we were kids.

Winter is like a cozy and warm dream for our little ones.  Do not try and wake them up, instead let them make memories in the snow so they can share it with their children. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Party Decorations

We had a little get together over the winter break so I needed to get my DIY cap on! I wanted to make a few cute decorations to jazz up the house.

I hit the dollar star to buy some inexpensive materials.

Here is what made the list:

A cute doily banner. These are absolutely adorable- in fact ours is still hanging up and I am not sure I want to take it down! This cost me a buck... that IS right $1. I already had some yarn and a glue stick at home. All I needed was a packet of doily's. You can even purchase a fabric version of this off etsy. It would be a lot more durable and you could pretty much hang it anywhere.

A lovely tutorial on a doily banner  littlemissmomma

I first fell in love with the paper pom pom in my 9th grade Spanish class. We had to make these for Cinco de Mayo. I love making different versions of these. You can get really creative with colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless!

Here the link to a blog with the step by step tutorial Head Full of Feathers

Paper lanterns! These are my absolute favorite, I would use them everywhere if I could. These were a bit on the expensive side. I opted to use a holiday 50% off Michael's coupon to justify my purchase ;) We hung from our stairwell banisters hanging down in the foyer. Here are the ones I used Martha Steward PomPoms

What are your favorite DIY Decoration ideas?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back At Last

Well this is the longest blogging break I have had... I have to admit it was nice to focus on my family and my business/work for the last little while. Alhumdulillah after enjoying the winter break and having my priorities ironed out- I am back at last!

I know many of you are used to me posting daily... but I think its better if I do single or multiple posts during the week. Often I have many post pre-drafted but I do not always find time in the morning to get them posted up.

A lot of fun things happening on our end. Two family weddings within a week of each other- we are still recovering!

Stay tuned- and I promise not to make you wait for long ;)
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