Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green Living- Even wonder what's in your products?

Did you know that women who stay at home have a higher cancer rate than women who work outside the home- ever wonder why that was? Join us for the screening of the documentary Chemerical, a film all about the toxic debate. Learn tips on how to save hundreds of dollars a year and make your own cleaning products, study the rise of disease and illness as our bodies are exposed to harmful products and chemicals daily. Together we will explore the idea of a toxic free world.

*Limited seating is available! 
Secure seats for you and a guest 
Send your RSVP to: info@mercymission.ca

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kiddie of the Month: Cutely Curious CoCo

Khaulah....aka "Coco" is the youngest of three children.  As the youngest she gets quite a bit of attention, wanted or unwanted...mostly from her two year old brother!  On most days you can find her trying to defend herself from him because he is intent on biting her when mommy is not looking!  She has learned the "fight or flight" reaction rather quickly! 

Khaulah is mostly known for her love of food!  Love is a bit of an understatement though!  She has a feeling of "possessiveness" over it!  If you take away whats in her hands it will result in a huge temper tantrum!  Do not mess with a girl and her food!  Khaulah will eat almost ANYTHING.  However once in awhile (and this happens rarely) she will reject something that mama has cooked.  Sadly this is how mama knows that what she has cooked is truly horrible!  If for some reason Khaulah can't be found she is searched for in the little corner of the kitchen where food particles and other debris  are swept under and you can see her grabbing what she thinks is food and eating it....yes definitely gross but hysterically cute!

Khaulah has recently learned her first word...no it is not "Mama" but rather "hello?"  She puts her hand or anything she may be holding at the moment to her ear or side of her face (mimicking being on a phone) and gently says "hewwo?"  We are all silently praying this is not a sign that she will ask for a cell phone at five!

Mashallah I loved reading about Khaula's cutely curious personality. I loved hearing about her little "hewwo" and am considering calling just to hear it myself! I think its time CoCo gets a play kitchen so she can be in charge of her own ingredients and food... hint hint Mom!

I am in love with her huge smile and laugh May Allah preserve it, may he swt keep her under his protection and care, make her among the righteous, Ameen. 

If you have a photo you would like to share, along with some words of positive encouragement, please email alif2yaa@gmail.com

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Explorers Program

Finally a program created for our community filled with educational Islamic activities! I am going to be there, are you? Remember these programs need your support to continue. See you there Inshallah.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Stylish Birthing Gown?

I have noticed recently that expectant Mama's are expressing their desire for wanting a cute, stylish and practical birthing gown. I know what are you thinking... what about getting amniotic fluid on the gown?! Most Mama's slip into their stylish gear after the birth for some precious family shots.

Women have a variety of preferences as to what makes them feel most comfortable during labor and delivery. For some women, being in their most natural form is empowering and for others applying some make up helps them look and feel their best. 

Would you slip into one of these? Dolce Designer Hospital Gowns

Alternative Therapy when Preparing for Birth

 Alternative therapy is becoming increasing popular. Many women seek these methods as a holistic and natural way to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy.

Have you tried any alternative therapy while pregnant or in labor?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mmm Treats

 Vegan Brownies

Fruit Pizza (with Rice flour crust) 

Dairy free, Gluten free choco-chip cookies. Sweetened with cane sugar.

These were some treats from our Eid brunch at my In laws place this year. Alhumdulillah the entire family participated by being creative and using quality ingredients to satisfy our taste buds. The best part was we sustained our energy thru the day. The Kids were especially pleasant and there was no over active behavior. It is completely worth the extra effort to  create these habits now so that we can take measures to protect our health in the future. 

What do you think about changing up the menu- will you try it?

Happy Friday and please remember us in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moms in the Delivery Room


Not sure who to have in the delivery room? This is a common concern I come across with a lot of my clients.

What are your thoughts about Mom's (Mother in laws, your Mom) in the Delivery room while you are in labor? Have you experienced this? Would you try it with your next one? Are you thinking about it?


Monday, September 12, 2011

Trooper Delivery

Is it really a miracle that baby could make his way out without any help? No inductions, no interventions, no forceps, vacuum, no surgery. Why I think that sounds like a normal birth to me ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sneak Peak at the Madinah

The crew hard at work 

The Little Explorers Adventure Corner

Nursing Station 

New Muslim Support

 Women's Resource Center

Look out for upcoming workshops and events! Click here to learn more about Mercy Mission Madinah.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Special Feature: Back to School made EASY

Going back to school after summer break is an exciting and often chaotic time of year for parents, students and even teachers. There are many ways that parents in particular can make the back-to-school transition easier on their child and themselves, which is the reason I decided to write a list of the top 10 things parents can do to prepare for the upcoming school year. Enjoy! :)

1) Re-establish Routines. Getting the entire family back into routine will help get the new school year off to the right start. Routines help the entire family structure their day, which makes it more manageable for all. Try re-establishing routines at least 1-2 weeks before to ease children into the school year. Here are a few suggestions: · Setting the morning alarm earlier the week before school starts· Gradually sending your child to bed earlier· Adapt meal time routines to match those at school· Designate a time to do homework· Get clothing and school materials ready the night before

2) Talk About it.Open dialogue with your child is an important element in getting him/her ready for the school year. I suggest focusing on the positives about going back to school, talking about what they will be learning during the school year and addressing any worries they may have. Sharing enthusiasm for learning and voicing your confidence in your child’s ability to succeed is a great motivator. Parents can also encourage their child to be inclusive, attentive and positive throughout the school year. To maintain communication with your child about their learning you can review what they have learned during the school day at dinner time.

3) Get Ready Early.Try to make time to buy all necessary school supplies as early as possibly, ideally a week or two before school starts. Creating a checklist with your child can also make the shopping trip a lot easier. Keep in mind that some teachers require specific materials, so you many need to make a second trip to the store once the school year starts.

4) Show Them The Way. Another way you can make back to school stress-free for your child is by visiting the school before the first day and/or driving the bus route with your child. Especially if your child is starting kindergarten or in a new school try to visit the school with your child, meet the teacher and locate the classroom, office, lunchroom, washrooms etc., this will help ease anxiety and familiarize your child with the new environment.

5) Read.Taking the time to read with your child is a great routine to establish throughout the year. It emphasizes the importance of reading regularly as well as allows reading skills to develop beyond the classroom. Parents can read to their child as well as ask him/her to read a loud. Also, taking a trip to the community library is a great way to create excitement about reading by having him/her choose their books.

6) Stay Organized.During the first week back at school make sure to review all information and handouts sent by the school and your child’s classroom teacher. Do this once it arrives to make sure you stay up-to-date on important information, and mark important dates on your calendar. Children have difficulties with organization just as much as adults do. To help your child stay organized you can: · Label important items· Organize binders and other school related materials (e.g. colour-coding binders for different subjects, using dividers etc.) · Keep school supplies in the same designated area of the home· Reinforce the use of your child’s agendas to remember homework and important dates

7) Homework Help.One of the most difficult problems for parents to address is the trouble with homework. It is important to tackle these problems early in the school year because they can have a great affect on a child’s performance. To help your child with homework you can: · Make use of homework schedules and routines· Designate a place in the home to do homework· Hire a personal tutor to address your child’s specific needs· Use checklists, calendars, agendas, and visual reminders to remember important due dates· Track your child’s progress for homework completion· Create a reward system to provide positive reinforcement for their efforts
8) Turn Off The TV! This may be a difficult tip for both children and parents. However encouraging your child to do other activities such as playing games, puzzles, reading or colouring instead of watching television will help ease your child into the learning process. Television can be a huge distraction for many children, and getting them used to engaging in other activities can help maintain their focus on learning once they arrive to school in September.
9) Extra-Curricular Activities.Extra-curricular activities are a great way for children to develop social skills and learn new valuable life skills. However, enrolling your child in too many extra-curricular activities can be extremely stressful and make it harder for him/her to focus on school. Your child will benefit from one or two activities at most, that are of interest to him/her. Parents can also find out from the school or classroom teacher the-curricular activities that are offered by the school, as well as set up after school play dates with other parents.

10) A New Outfit! Growing up I remember one of the things that got me most excited about going back to school was the chance to wear the new clothes, shoes and /or backpack that I carefully picked out for my first day of school. The first day of school outfit not only creates excitement, but also provides a confidence boost for the first day back.

This guest post was shared by Ayesha who is a teacher and offers tutoring services. For more tips check out her blog here.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Introducing the Male Midwife

After recovering from a festive Eid day and blessed Ramadan we are slowly trying to transition back into routine. I think I will wait until after the long weekend to actually implement bed times and what not. For now I'm back to the world of blogging and excited for upcoming posts!

For starters a friend recently shared this article about McMaster's first male Midwife! Really I do not see the difference between a male Midwife or a male OB. I think the stigma is all in the name. The 'wife' part of 'midwife' actually represents the woman in labor and not the practitioner. I was not surprised to learn that male Midwives are already common in the Neitherlands and in the U.K. It's just another thing North America is behind on in the birthing world.

What do you think- is a male Midwife any different than a male OB and would this effect the level of care a women receives?

Happy Friday! Please remember my family and I in your prayers.
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