Monday, September 26, 2011

Kiddie of the Month: Cutely Curious CoCo

Khaulah....aka "Coco" is the youngest of three children.  As the youngest she gets quite a bit of attention, wanted or unwanted...mostly from her two year old brother!  On most days you can find her trying to defend herself from him because he is intent on biting her when mommy is not looking!  She has learned the "fight or flight" reaction rather quickly! 

Khaulah is mostly known for her love of food!  Love is a bit of an understatement though!  She has a feeling of "possessiveness" over it!  If you take away whats in her hands it will result in a huge temper tantrum!  Do not mess with a girl and her food!  Khaulah will eat almost ANYTHING.  However once in awhile (and this happens rarely) she will reject something that mama has cooked.  Sadly this is how mama knows that what she has cooked is truly horrible!  If for some reason Khaulah can't be found she is searched for in the little corner of the kitchen where food particles and other debris  are swept under and you can see her grabbing what she thinks is food and eating it....yes definitely gross but hysterically cute!

Khaulah has recently learned her first it is not "Mama" but rather "hello?"  She puts her hand or anything she may be holding at the moment to her ear or side of her face (mimicking being on a phone) and gently says "hewwo?"  We are all silently praying this is not a sign that she will ask for a cell phone at five!

Mashallah I loved reading about Khaula's cutely curious personality. I loved hearing about her little "hewwo" and am considering calling just to hear it myself! I think its time CoCo gets a play kitchen so she can be in charge of her own ingredients and food... hint hint Mom!

I am in love with her huge smile and laugh May Allah preserve it, may he swt keep her under his protection and care, make her among the righteous, Ameen. 

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