Friday, March 18, 2011

You're Invited!

FYI- date has been changed to Saturday April 2nd Inshallah. Please wear a blue hijab to support Autism awareness!

All spots are FULL for this event!

Click on picture for details

Alif 2 Yaa is having our first ever Movie Night! Save the date for Saturday March 26th Inshallah at 7 pm.
Seating is LIMITED so RSVP now and save your seat!

We will be viewing the much talked about documentary "The Business of Being Born" (Co-produced by Ricki Lake, ex-talk show host) This film will change your views on childbirth and open your eyes to a new understanding of what your best birth means to you. It will prepare you well in advance for what to expect from the health care system here in North America and the statistics will SHOCK you, it is time to wake up and take control of your birthing options- giving birth is not a medical problem, it is a natural ability that Allah has given to our bodies Alhumdulillah.

Email: for more details

P.S- Jummah Mubarak, Please remember us in your prayers.


  1. OMG!! I wanna come!! not for the doc but the people who are gonna come... alhumdulillah al kuli haal!

    This documentary is AWESOME!! Its acctually a few years old... I watched it when i was expecting Hanan. I really benefited from it...really worth watching! Its truly eye opening...and you are right about the stats, they are SHOCKING!! I was amazed at how ignorant people are too...or should I say how hard the (canada & us) government and health care system works to keep them ignorant about a lot of things. Europe the system is kept soo natural...

    I was just talking to a medical professional and as sad as it may sound...she said "Medicine has become a very disgusting field... Its all about drugging people!" (that how she feels)

    May Allah protect us all and our children. Ameen

  2. for a second i got excited, and then i saw what it was about, and somehow i dont thnik thats my idea of a friday night right now LOL

  3. Whatever your coming! You gotta prepare for the future woman!

  4. yay! finally an excuse to see you! im in! maybe ill change my mind and consider ob/gyn after this night

  5. hiraaaaaaaa! should i consider coming to this :P??? i mean are you gona be there ?

  6. wow Hira, nice event masha'Allah! You can start it off with the traditional "wisdom of calamities" talk.

  7. i wanna comeee toooo!! how many spots left?

  8. I would have liked to but Qasim has his halaqa to run that evening. Next time inshallah ~ you could do a monthly mommas movie night!

  9. i'll babysit zak!

  10. i'll babysit nusee and zak insha'Allah


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