Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY: Ramadan Doll Craft

We made this doll for a cousin of mine who returned from his first Umrah. It is a simple and can easily fit into the hands of your little ones for hours of play!

Your doll could be either male of female depending on preference. We thought it would be fun to dress our doll up in Ihram clothes. Alternatively you could dress yours up in a hijab/abaya.

What you need:
-Doll Pegs (easily available at Michaels Craft Stores)
-Peace/beige colored acrylic paint
-Dark brown colored acrylic paint
-1Sheet of white colored felt
-1 Sheet of any colored felt
-Single hole punch
-Glue gun

*I apologize in advance for the horrible quality pictures and lack of detailed step pictures, I only had my cell phone camera handy

Start by painting your doll peg, 2-3 coats should be enough

Paint on a beard and hair line using the brown paint. he hairline. Measure and cut strips of the white felt and glue them on using the hot glue gun 

We used a colored sheet of felt to wrap around the peg doll in place of a sleeping bag. We punched holes on the side and used yarn to keep the bag in place. We also used a long piece of yarn so that the doll could be used as a necklace

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Around the World

Ramadan Mubarak! May this month bring you a sense of peace, tranquility, blessings and bring you closer to Allah and each other.

I love looking up pictures of how others celebrate Ramadan around the world. So here are some lovely snaps- courtesy of the Huffington Post.

How about you- does your family have any special traditions in welcoming this blessed month?

Yemen: Yemeni girls wearing traditional costumes attend a festival for children to welcome the holy month of Ramadan in the old city of Sanaa, Yemen 

Palestine: A Palestinian child poses with a star as people arrive to attend the evening prayer during the Muslim fasting month of ramadan at Al-Aqsa mosque in the old city of Jerusalem 

These are just a few that made me smile, you can view the rest of the slide show here. Make sure to share it with your children so they can see how children around the world celebrate Ramadan! 

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