Prenatal Education

Alif2Yaa is offers segregated classes for expecting muslim couples in which we go over everything you need to know about the day of and after labor from a holistic, natural and Islamic perspective.  We focus on helping the couple understand the process of labor, how to prepare for the delivery and explanation of all the tools and options you have.  Ultimately we aim to help the couple achieve a satisfying birth experience which we believe will lay the best foundation for both parent and child. 

Birth education is more important than you think.

You see, the hospital does not educate or inform you of your options.  They have a preferred method and they use fear tactics to channel you into this.  Some couples are Ok with this but others feel ripped off, bullied, or that they had no choices.  We also teach the fiqh issues around birth such as a womans awrah, and the aqeeqah. Lastly there is also a whole slew of cultural baggage and conflict from parents such as who will be in the birth room, who to stay with after the birth, and so on.  A lot of these muslim specific issues are discussed.  

In order to ensure the labor goes as you want it to you must learn how to empower yourself, especially if you are first-time parents.  I am sure you too have heard the stories.  Too many people enter the hospital and leave all decisions to the staff.  Before even we've given ourselves a chance we've collectively bought into the idea that birth requires a hospital.  No!  Overseas only 15% of births happen in the hospital!  It is not the norm, it is the exception.  Birth is not a medical emergency!

Now, I know what you are thinking.. what about the things that 'might' happen during birth that would require you to go to the hospital? Why not be there 'just in case'?  Let me ask you this: didn't you hear about the baby born in a the backseat of a taxi?  What about on board an airplane?  Yes, it happened last year in Toronto.  Google it: Air India birth.  And just recently in Toronto a baby was born in a Tim Hortons.  Google it too!  Did any of them die? Look: if someone can be instructed by a 911 operator how to deliver a baby, then it's not as risky a prcedure that someone told you it is.

So you know what, you can relax.  Birth is natural. And whats what we teach you in this class:  The Alif 2 Yaa of Birth and Labor.

This class differs from the free ones offered to you by your city.  The most distinct factor is that it is actually two separate classes:  one for brothers and one for sisters.  Let's face it- men don't know anything about birth aside from what they saw on TV.  They think being a support person and caregiver consists of cracking jokes and telling you "Push!".  Rest assured, my husband will hypnotize them for you :-). In fact one of our participants said exactly that "my husband changed overnight."  By recognizing the differences in roles, we've designed a dual curriculum that will teach each side what they need to know, and then culminate the class with a joint session at the end. 

In the men's class your husbands will learn:
- How to conduct himself and maintain control in the birthing room.
- Knowing your rights:  professional and effective approaches to dealing with doctors and nurses.
- The stages of labor explained in clear, simple terms.
- Non-verbal indicators to gauge how mom is feeling, and how to react to the expected ups/downs in her mood
- Common behaviors that are communication killers - but which men use all the time.
- The most effective, proven ways to get mom to focus on the gift of birth and not the fear of pain
- What He must do exactly when the baby is born to ensure the childs life starts on the right foot
- Fiqh and Aqeeqah.

The Alif 2 Yaa of Birth and Labor is class about making the birth an empowering and gratifying process.  For men its about being in control of the birth room, and being an effective caregiver.  For women it is similar but with more focus on her mind, making sure the birth goes as you want to, and being empowered so that you do not leaving every decision in the hands of the doctors and nurses.

Insha'Allah will the right education and experience behind you- you and your family will have the best experience possible.

To inquire about dates and costs please send an inquiry to alif2yaa @

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