Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Separation Anxiety?

Recently Zakariya has been dealing with some separation anxiety. Although, it is not the typical kind. He has been doing fine without me, even if it is for prolonged periods, if he is with his grandparents or his father he is perfectly happy. It mainly happens when we are home- if I need to go upstairs to get something, if I need to step away for even a moment- he gets so upset!

Lately it seems like a lot of Mothers have been complaining about their children having separation anxiety. Some are even finding it hard to go to the washroom without their little one's getting upset.

Apart from sitting your kid in front of the washroom door- while you smile, sing and entertain them from the toilet (Oh COME ON, you know you have done it!)

What are some tips for helping your child deal with the anxiety of being away from you?


  1. Umm Abdir-Rahman June 10 at 5:19am ReplyWalikumasalam wr wb...

    its a really good idea hira to start this blog, i really enjoy blogs. it s a really good way to get everyone share there tips on motherhood experiences and you can benefit us with your classes you are taking Inshallah!.

    One thing that I realized with AR is that he has outgrown a lot of things with "time" and this is one of them. Obviously we have to tell them that "Mommy's gotta to some Kaam Beta" but we should give them sometime. I am sure most of you will i agree with me. Right?

    There is a really beneficial article on this topic at this link

  2. Anne Weeks advice:

    It sounds like Zakariya is going through an age-appropriate phase of needing to be with you all the time! When you are in the vicinity, he is clearly showing his preference to be with you; when you step away momentarily, this is when he protests. However, when you are clearly away, he adapts readily to be with other adults he knows and trusts. Separation anxiety tends to begin around 6-8 months of age and comes and goes during the toddler years.

    What these behaviours demonstrate is that your baby is very strongly and securely attached to you. This primary relationship is the basis for healthy emotional growth and the ability to trust - you are mothering Zakariya wonderfully!

    But this can be a challenging phase you you! Securely attached children are very sensitive to their mother's feelings, so your remaining calm and confident will help him return to feeling calm and confident when you come back to him.

    How are other mothers dealing with separation anxiety their young children?

  3. I am defo going through the same problem. Nusaybah is super glued to me inside and outside of the home. I try to leave her with others in the home like my in laws for a while, which works temporarily but after that she wants my attention non stop and nobody but me will do. I'm wondering if its OK to sometimes leave her by herself even tho she turns red as a tomato from crying her head off just so I can get something done or even just to give myself a little re-boost in if I need to go to the bathroom or do the laundry in the it better to take her with me or to leave her for a few minutes on her own even if shes throwing a fit.


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