Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Kids & Lollipops

Moms and dads, here are the top five vitamins you want to include in your child’s diet to increase their memory, energy and immune system.

1) Omega 3 Fish Oil: Excellent for memory and boosting your child’s immune system.

2) Multivitamin: Giving your child a healthy balance of all vitamins and minerals to help balance the body’s basic functions.

3) Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D: Great for healthy bones, a strong immune system and a balanced nervous system.

4) Rice Protein Powder: Start the morning off with a scoop of rice protein to increase your child’s energy.

5) Probiotic: They help with maintaining a healthy digestive system, and increasing immune function.

(Courtesy: Dr. Elias Markou ND)

I just want to add, if we encourage our children to adapt these habits- taste at a young age it will be easier for them to develop them into a lifestyle. Sure, they will reject the idea the first few times, maybe even 50 times- but as the parent; we have to be creative and hide the vitamins in the brownies! Jerry Seinfield's wife has an ENTIRE book on this... so it IS possible!

It requires patience, time and effort from our end... Mother's- I think it we should expect little-no help from our husbands in this department... In fact, you can expect resistance from parents, in laws and husbands, family members and friends (who all have children eating junk and cannot stand the fact that you are even going to try for a sugar free, junk free kiddie diet-- so just be prepared and warned in advance for all hssing and pssing you will face.

People can say whatever they want to me... but one thing I have stood ground at is my super mama attitude with my baby-toddler diet... I know my hard work has paid off thus far and Alhumdulillah it shows in the cusine choices my little guy makes....

I just wanted to take this chance to tell everyone who resisted my Super Mama attitude... and everyone who told me my kid would love juice, coke and lolipops... and even tried to guilt me by saying things like "you did everything, now you will not let your kid do it".... I tried to give Zakariya a lolipop the other day and after a few licks, he threw it away.

How is that for SUPER MAMA!

This post qualifies- for official bragging super Mama Bragging RIGHTS!

What are some of your Super Mama moments?


  1. my super baba moment was when i saw super mama take a sip of coke and then pour the rest down the sink! whoa! ma sha Allah

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  3. ell yaseer thats nothing!!

    I feel so HAPPY and Proud of my Super mama/naand!! b/c I saw her drinking coke breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner...o and yeah chocolate cookie and coke lunches in High school!! and me trying to beg her to please have one white bread slice and one brown bread slice!! to this!! MashaAllah I am really proud of her and you are right Hira. We should never listen to what people have to say to you when it comes to choosing a healthy diet for you kids and yoursself. And wallahi I will testify to this, that if you dont let your child get exposed to junk food they won't even know it!! and if they get exposed the addictives in the junk food world are sadly very addictive...

    Some kids are just picky from BIRTH!! no matter what you try to do with them! except of course make dua!! I was looking up on how to feed a picky eater nutritious food? These videos helped me a lot! You are right about "they will reject the idea the first few times, maybe even 50 times"
    (amazing reads and very very helpful videos)

    Moms need to be creative when it comes to food! Kids tend to love food that is nicely styled and decorated. One last thing I would like to add is--> if your child is of an older age, get him/her involved in cooking help them make there own food!! don't worry about the MESS!! let them enjoy and trust me they will eat what they have made!! I made brownies with my son, we use dark whole wheat flour,and also added ONE CUP!! freshly finely grounded almonds in it, he still loved it!!

    So don't give up keep trying and keep making dua!!Be a Super Mama like my Naand!! really proud of you!! <3 <3

    By far my fav. post!! keep it up!

  4. jerry sienfeld's wife's book is toooooo coool.

  5. Assalam alaikum.

    Nice blog!

    I agree with your suggested form of vitamins:) MashaAllah.

    In our home, we have the omega 3 fish oil (Nutrasea is the best brand), we have vitamin D drops, Probiotics (powder form-we just take a small amount straight into our mouth daily the tastes is actually good)for your kids if they refuse to take it without mix, simply mix it in their yogurt. They wont even notice:)

    JazakAllahu Khaira.

    Umm Adam


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