Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freedom of Screech

"My daughter Olivia, 6, was at our house with a friend when our cat walked up to them. Her friend asked, "Has your cat ever had baby cats?" Olivia responded, "He's not even married!"
Jennifer Rayola
Channahon, Illionois

"When my 5 year old son had his annual checkup, the dentist asked, "So, is there anything bothering you?" Wesley thought for a moment, and then responded, "Yes, my baby brother, Warren!"
Tina Kim; Diamond Bar, California

"I was running errands with my recently toilet trained daughter, Ella, 2. When I told her we were going to Pottery Barn, she became really quiet. Then from the back seat she muttered, "Mommy, I don't want to go potty in a barn."
Paige Miller; Memphis, Tennessee

"After playing a game online for a few minutes, my 4 year old daughter. Kate, said "Mom, the computer's cold. It isn't working." When I asked if she meant it was frozen, she replied, "It's Daddy's fault! He left the window open."
Tara Trainor: Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Source: Parents Dec 2010 Issue

Toddlers-Kids say the funniest things. Now that Zakariya is getting older, it is amazing to see his personality develop. Mashallah he is becoming his own person and we are really enjoying seeing our little guy mature into a little man! One thing in particular that has been especially fun is his toddler talk. He has especially good comic timing. I think he takes after me (haha)

This reminds me of the time when I told my first love (yes even before you husband) my nephew Abdur Rahman (almost 4 years old) that Zakariya knows how to walk now, to which he quickly said "Mashallah I can walk too"... Or when Abdur Rahman asked why I did not wear my hijab in front of Yasser Phupha (my husband)... Kids notice even the finest of details...

What are some of the cutest/funniest things your kids have said?

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  1. Aunty: "Zakariya do you want to stay over tonight?"
    Zaku: "OKAYY!"

    AR classic: "toyota yalis gari"


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