Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Toxic Foam Mats

Belgium is to ban the sale of all foam puzzle mats for babies and toddlers, citing tests showing they contain a cancer-causing chemical.

Formamides are used to soften the foam in the mats but are corrosive and can be deadly. Toxicologist Alfred Bernard explained:

“They are solvents, residues from the manufacturing process that stay in the product afterwards. They can be absorbed through breathing or through the skin. As a rule, children should not be exposed to these products.”

Belgium becomes the first European country to ban the mats and will impose a 20,000 euro fine for anyone found selling them. Jean-Philippe Ducart, a spokesman for a consumer watchdog said:

“They will be illegal in 2011 but in the meantime we ask that they be withdrawn from the market in the interest of public health and the health of children exposed to them.”

An EU-wide ban on the mats is expected within the next few years.

In November, the EU prohibited the sale of plastic baby bottles containing Bisphenol A, a compound that tests suggest have adverse health effects on babies.

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This news comes as BIG surprise to me because I have seen those foam mats practically everywhere! Schools, libraries, day care centers, homes- I mean literally they are everywhere. All the moms and pregnant women who have these mats- you have every right to be upset about this...

However, lets look at the bright side and be thankful that we have the science and technology to expose these toxins; otherwise we might have never known. Please be sure to dump the mats ASAP and do not take this news lightly or ignore it... a couple of inexpensive foam mats are not worth the risk.

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