Monday, July 30, 2012

Eid Giveaway: Eastern ToyBox

I just received my Eid order from Eastern ToyBox. I am in LOVE with their products. I have a soft spot for all things handmade. Not only all these products handmade, Eco-friendly, fair-trade but they are  economically priced! All their products are absolutely drool worthy but my little heart is melting over the adorable Hijabushka line!

Between fasting, iftaar and taraweeh there is little time left to go out shopping. With Eastern Toybox you can shop online and your order will be shipped to you- its that easy. This is perfect for those last minute Eid gifts!

I have a surprise for all my readers {insert cheer} now your little ones can own the cute little guys below!

Why hello cute Hijabushka family!

To enter our Eid Giveaway:

  • Check out the  Eastern Toybox website, browse the products and leave me a comment telling me which Eastern Toybox products you like most (one entry each)
  • Like Eastern Toybox on Facebook (one entry each) leave a comment below
  • Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, spread the word about these awesome products! Leave a comment telling me where you shared this (one entry each) 
You can have up to three entries to win!!!

This giveaway will be between July 30th-August 10th! Enter now to win! I will close this giveaway and announce a winner on Friday August 10th!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome Ramadan

All year we anticipate the sighting of the moon that welcomes Ramadan. My family and I look forward to all that comes with celebrating this blessed time of the year. We watch as the world welcomes New Years, Valentines Day, Easter and the rest of the calendar holidays. We wait anxiously for our turn and welcome Ramadan with open arms.

Will you welcome Ramadan with me? 

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