Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sugar cookies without the sugar ;)

Always read the labels! When I first started doing this, it took me almost 2 hours in the grocery store- but Alhumdulillah now I am familiar with most of the brands and ingredients and only need to read the labels once in awhile.
We try to avoid refined white sugar as much as possible! Even if I purchase a juice, I look for a natural sweetener like cane juice. Other options are brown sugar, cane sugar or yellow cane sugar. You cannot taste the difference at all and it is a much healthier option especially for your little ones!

This mix was expensive but worth every penny. It has high quality ingredients and gave me flexibility in terms of substituting the recipe without compromising the taste! The most common mistake is that these type of mixes are not limited families with allergies or food sensitives. Everyone can and should consider options like these. Most people opt for these types of mixes because of the high quality ingredients.

Sure, sometimes you can taste the difference but that is because our bodies have been programmed to eat junk. Our taste buds cannot even tell us that the natural foods are better for us between what is natural is better for us and we actually prefer the processed food over the natural foods. It will take some time to reverse all the years of damage, so be patient and give your tongue some time to adapt the change. When you truly educate yourself and adapt better eating habits your body will not feel good when you eat the foods you once claimed to love.

With these cookies, I really could not tell at all!

I am of the opinion (and this is based on extensive research, studying the correlation of cows milk protein in relation to breastfeeding in dept, my own experience and experience with friends/clients and the advice of my naturopath) that our little ones cannot easily digest dairy, especially that of cow's milk until after the age of 2 when there digestive systems are better developed. Alhumdulillah, Allah has made this a protection from common bowel problems like constipation, diarrhea, rashed and eczema- so I have seen dramatic results from this diet. For that reason I opted to use vegan margarine instead of regular.

Mix it all together

Roll it up and spread them out on your baking sheet. I used wax paper to protect the pan because the box said not to oil the pan. The margarine made the mix very slippery so oiling was not needed.

Zakariya was especially excited to try these out because he "helped" Mama bake them and he even sat by the oven and waited until the timer went off ;)


  1. jazakallah for your help dear , i really appreciate it , thanks alot for sharing !

  2. Madiha Sharif bhabi read this blog good for Ayesha.....gluten free cookies made by Hira.....yummy :D

  3. mmm they look yummy!!!

  4. loookin gooood mashAllah. i totally promoted Becel Vegan when i worked for mosaic. and then would get yelled at by people who would say.: We're eating the REAL STUFF (i.e. butter). BUT what people don't realize is that even the butter that they sell in grocery store is processed and has not so good ingredients in it that practically make it not butter in the end. So if you're going to choose between the two, choose the one that's most beneficial for your overall health.

  5. wwow...thanks for sharing.... where did u get these cookies from? maybe i can try them out for my little one as well

  6. tell me where you shop besides planet organic and whole foods please :)


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