Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponing

For those of you who have a TV and cable in your home, the season premier is today on TLC. Make sure to tune into this crazy show for tips on how to coupon your way to free groceries!

While I consider myself a frugal shopper, I cannot say I completely agree with extreme couponing. I feel like we could devote the extensive hours to self betterment. I would personally take some of that time to study Islam, if given the time and choice, but that's just me! I like to shop in bulk as well, it often saves money and time! I still would not be able to justify a store room full of 'stuff'- however, I would like the idea of sharing the goods with people especially as this would become a sadaqa jariya (charity) for my family and I.

I also have done couponing in the past and found that there are not many healthy options available. It is often the quick meals or overly processed foods containing several additives and MSG... so while I love looking for deals, using coupons, I just don't think extreme couponing is for me...

I know from having lived in the States, couponing there is on a whole different level. Canada does not compare at all with our coupons!

What are your experiences? Do you think you could extreme coupon? Why or why not?


  1. I remember watching a special on Oprah about people who used coupons as a savings strategy and i have to say its pretty cool. I wish i could be that organized. But at the same time, i agree that most of the coupons are for unhealthy junk fo...od. did you see the amount of kraft dinner the lady was buying!!! but hey if you see a coupon for something you buy often the you're crazy not to use it. It's like for universities, sooo many scholarships are wasted every year, basically freeeee money, cuz people did not take up on the opportunity. And shown on that video, uhh crazy way to save money but well worth it if you can use that money saved for better things such as paying off your debt, sending your kids to school.

  2. i remember watching this and thinking, I'm totally gonna do this one day. hah. i don't think i can do it to that extent, expecially because coupons in Can work differently then the US, but it doesn't hurt to try :p

  3. yes, i agree- not sure it is for me, but i am still fascinated with these women (and men!!) xo, shari

  4. yeah. i couldn't agree more. I really do watch what i eat and make sure it's organic. I am trying to quit all dairy products (very hard though, i must admit!)

    coupons are a wonderful thing, a little obsession of mine actually.


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