Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby and Hats!

I have been crazy about little hats since Zakariya was born! I love how they add so much personality to his outfits and make his style unique.

Now that he is older, my little guy has also adopted a love for hats. He refuses to leave the house without a hat. He thinks it is still winter and insisted on wearing his winter hat everywhere-- that is until we got him a spring hat!

Why are hats cool? Because they protect your little ones from the sun. With especially sensitive skin and eyes our little ones need to be protected from the bright sun. Parents should also consider getting a window shade for the car, especially for those long car rides when your kiddo has fallen asleep.

Vitamin D is especially important as most of us are probably deficient living here in Canada. You can supplement with vitamin D drops and also eat an enriched diet. As well as some exposure to the sun, just remember to wear SPF!

Zaki with his hat while he was rocking the shaved head look

We always go to Friday prayers in our best clothes and hats!

Summer bucket hat

Fall/winter Monkey hat

Sauve spring hat

He even has a hat for family weddings! Mashallah!

I think its safe to say Zakariya is a hat kind of guy. My aunt got him this crazy strange fan hat for my cousins wedding, it is similar to what Pakistani grooms wear. I thought he would never wear it but he was such a trooper Mashallah! He loved all the attention he got and enjoyed wearing the hat.

I would love to hear about your hat stories... do your little ones like hats? What about the Mama's with girls? How do hats compare to ribbons, bows and headbands?! Share all your stories and tips with us please ;) 

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  1. aww! cutie mashaAllah! My little ones is not too much of a hat fan or even head bands or clips! AR alhumdulillah loves hats now but he was not a fan of hats either in his toddy years


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