Monday, April 11, 2011

Juicing 101 Workshop

Alhumdulillah my Husband and I were able to attend a fabulous workshop on Juicing.

I personally did not know much about the benefits of juicing. I did not know what fruits or veggies were best to juice. The workshop educated us on the health benefits of juicing, what type of juicer is best to invest in, juicing recipes and all sorts of other juicing tips. To be totally honest, I was more worried about how it would all taste! To my surprise it was so refreshing and my body has been craving freshly squeezed juice since the workshop.

Without giving away too much with respect to the creators of the workshop, I thought I would share the importance of preparing your fruits and veggies on a daily basis.

-consider washing the produce with a biodegradable soap to remove any pesticide residue
-you can also use vinegar or baking soda to wash your produce
-use a brush to scrub hard produce

I labeled my brush so no one would use it to clean the sink by accident!

Here is a photo from the workshop- Dr Elias Markou is comparing a lower end juicer to a higher end juicer. His advice is to treat a juicer like an appliance. You want to spend $250-300.

The left over skin should be absolutely damp. This is a sign of a good juicer- you know you are extracting most of the juice from the produce.

Beet juice! It was so sweet! It actually works like a natural sweetener when you add it with other veggies. It was my first time tying a beet EVER- and it super refreshing.

The nutritional benefits of beets. Packed!

I would encourage all of you to look into taking a workshop like this- not only is benefit for your health but it you can share all that you learned with your family! I cannot wait to start juicing and getting my little guy hooked on drinking veggies from a young age.

For more about the juicing workshop, click here


  1. My mom and her juice maker...she started giving veggie juice to us at a young age and I have some fond memories of holding my breath and trying to gulp down my glass of beet juice, carrot juice, and something green I care to remember!

  2. wow looks awesome i wanna tryyy!

  3. So for beet juice, do u boil the beetroot first or just put it in directly for juicing?

  4. Sheza, you don't boil it because you will loose all the nutrients and with all produce you want to keep all the skin on because it contains fiber and other benefits.

    The only produce you should take the skin off is citrus fruits because it ...taints the flavor.

  5. which did he say was the best??????

  6. i love juicing! if u add a lil bit ginger with the beets it gives it a lil kick too!

  7. Do u have some recipes?

  8. Samira- the best what?
    Marium- Yeah actually the beet was with ginger and it was amazing!
    Sheza- Ill pass them on to you Inshallah

  9. Thanks for the juicy, refreshing info Hira!
    I'll try the ginger with beets combo, Insha'Allah!



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