Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday

The weekend is here and I could not be more excited!

I have my very first article published in Mum and Muslim Magazine! It is a UK based Magazine. Alhumdulillah, they have asked me to come back and write for them regularly. Look out for future reads. The article is a repeat from my blog with some added text- just to advocate for the Daddy Daycare movement. Click here to read it!

The first ever Muslim Womenpreneurs Bazaar is being held this Saturday April 2nd from 12-5 Inshallah. Please come out with your family to support this great cause and the Alif2Yaa Booth! Click here for more information.

I have had a busy week with preps for the Bazaar and have not been able to give blogging its complete and deserved attention. I promise to be back in full force next week.

Happy Friday from our family to yours. Please remember us in your prayers.


  1. Asalamu Alaikum Hira,

    Awesome job mashAllah. Really proud of you! All the best at the Bazaar! Will look forward to a post about it along with pictures of your booth!

    May Allah swt grant you success. ameen.

    Sarah A.

  2. Congratulations! That's AWESOME!

  3. mabrook hira .. so happy for you Mashallah , May Allah give barakah in your work,good luck with everything, see u at bazzar inshallah ;)

  4. Congratulations! so envious that you are published before me, yet SO much more proud of my little Hira, your writing is so good that even I who is far away from motherhood cannot help but click on the link for the next article (especially to keep up with how much lil zaki has grown!) MASHALLAH

  5. wow masha allah im so proud of u heroooo!!! ♥ may allah grant you success in all that u do - ameen!

  6. Congrats!! Mashallah, that's wonderful! I hope you have a productive time at the bazaar :)

  7. go mama!!! You know what reading this article and all reminded me of, 1. the day in our class with Miss levis above the tech department where you should me an article of yours printed in the some desi paper. remember??

    2. the day when you gu...ys came over to to see me for the first time... and you were telling me how you wanted to go into journalism and you didn't because you will have to go to out an open.
    Time Flies!!

    You had the talent and now you are using it in a way that you had not even imagined before! ♥ If we look carefully at our years that have past, we see Allah wisdom in ALL things that happened. But when we are in that situation we cannot comprehend it because we possible cannot comprehend HIS WISDOM!

    Allah is Most Kind!

    Me is SOO proud of ya! You've come a long way mashaAllah! May Allah increase you in Khair and chose you for his Deen!! Mauh!!!

    You better take lots of pics and don't forget to pray before you leave!! WILL be in my duas! ♥ ♥

  8. wowowwwwowwww hira! mashallah tabarakallah .. congrats sis! may allah increase u in goodness for his sake, ameen!!!


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