Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moms in the Delivery Room


Not sure who to have in the delivery room? This is a common concern I come across with a lot of my clients.

What are your thoughts about Mom's (Mother in laws, your Mom) in the Delivery room while you are in labor? Have you experienced this? Would you try it with your next one? Are you thinking about it?



  1. i had neither and im glad i made that decision. i was able to follow my birth plan without interference (moms cant see their babies in pain so im sure i would have taken the epidural if i had my mom with me)...and its less stress on them too not being there.

  2. Inshallah I want my mom with me right up untill the actual delivery stage, seeing as how she has had 6 kids (5 without any intervention) and knows what to expect. Also, there is nothing like a mother's duas:) Having my mom with me at difficult moments has always reduced my stress mashallah. For the actual delivery moment it would be just my hubby. I love my mother-in-law but in the delivery room would be too close to my personal boundaries; thank goodness she is a very respectful person.

  3. No way... Just my hubby that's it!

  4. had my mom and husband in the delivery. i think i'll want her again although all she did was cry the whole time :)
    I know my mom in law would be very helpful because she loves to help and is very good at it...but being in the delivery room would be would be too close, like sr. sana said

  5. I had my husband with me when I had my first one and Inshallah I'm gonna do the same with the next baby. Not much of other things but the Haya between us and our mothers is an issue...and of course I wouldn't want my mom to see me in pain!


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