Friday, September 2, 2011

Introducing the Male Midwife

After recovering from a festive Eid day and blessed Ramadan we are slowly trying to transition back into routine. I think I will wait until after the long weekend to actually implement bed times and what not. For now I'm back to the world of blogging and excited for upcoming posts!

For starters a friend recently shared this article about McMaster's first male Midwife! Really I do not see the difference between a male Midwife or a male OB. I think the stigma is all in the name. The 'wife' part of 'midwife' actually represents the woman in labor and not the practitioner. I was not surprised to learn that male Midwives are already common in the Neitherlands and in the U.K. It's just another thing North America is behind on in the birthing world.

What do you think- is a male Midwife any different than a male OB and would this effect the level of care a women receives?

Happy Friday! Please remember my family and I in your prayers.

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