Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Storks VS. Doctors!

Looks like Storks are getting more credit then Doctors!


How did you explain the arrival of your newest addition to your elder children? For example: A Little Girl says to her Mom: Mommy, do all women have babies in their tummy? Does Grandma have a baby in her tummy too?!

What is the best way to answer this question without having to explain Grandma's menopause?!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sibling Rivalry?

Alhumdulillah, a lot of our friends have been having babies- this time for the second time around. I often hear my fellow Mom's talking about their older children (typically their first) having to adjust to the newest addition of the family.

I have even witnessed a first hand encounter where the elder sibling looked very carefully for the perfect opportunity to pinch his younger sister- as soon as Mom returns she finds her baby red in the face and crying as if... as if she just goooot beat-- and its because she just did!

For the sake of being fair to the little pincher in all of us- its not exactly fair to have to share everything thats been yours... well for your whole life. Right?

Babies on the other hand, are so purely innocent. They do not even know how to communicate, someone has to stand up for them.... Right?

What are some ways to sooth and comfort our children when it comes to sibling rivalry? How can parents make this transition easier for their children?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What are your total earnings to Labour?

If I were paid to Labour based on what the Canadian government considers minimum wage ($10.25), I would be $164.00 richer. That does not even include deduction of taxes and does not seem like nearly enough for the work put in! My adorable bundle of joy is too cute and dear to me to put a price on!

However, this did get me thinking... Recently, I was able to attend a birth that progressed extremely fast. According to the experts, the average active stage of labour can last up to 20 hours, for first time Moms. Does that sound about right?

What about second time Moms- was your first longer or shorter than the first, second, third of fourth?

What are your total earnings to LABOUR?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Separation Anxiety?

Recently Zakariya has been dealing with some separation anxiety. Although, it is not the typical kind. He has been doing fine without me, even if it is for prolonged periods, if he is with his grandparents or his father he is perfectly happy. It mainly happens when we are home- if I need to go upstairs to get something, if I need to step away for even a moment- he gets so upset!

Lately it seems like a lot of Mothers have been complaining about their children having separation anxiety. Some are even finding it hard to go to the washroom without their little one's getting upset.

Apart from sitting your kid in front of the washroom door- while you smile, sing and entertain them from the toilet (Oh COME ON, you know you have done it!)

What are some tips for helping your child deal with the anxiety of being away from you?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why cant we just BE?

Is there a such thing as over stimulating an infant? Ever find yourself constantly trying to keep your little one busy?

I attend a weekly breastfeeding group and a few weeks ago the topic of discussion was- why cant we just let our kids BE?!

Recently I have really noticed a trend with mothers swamping their kids with activities, toys, stuffed animals, car seat attachments, stroller attachments, pacifier attachments -- okay okay you get the point!

I often ask myself if my kid is chilled out and relaxed- is it logical for me to shove toys in his face? If he is perfectly okay with staring out of the car window- do I have to have toys attached to his carseat?

I realized the truth is that the majority of time, I am just trying to give him something to do... mainly because I have something I need to do. I figure it will keep him occuppied if anything. It is kind of like having our own offices- he is busy in his cubicle with his toys and I am busy in mine... right? WRONG... The truth is... that most of the time it just is not necessary. It may even be more for myself then it is for him. I mean what Mother does not have a car seat attachment, how could I be the only one who does not need one?!

This is where the confusion stems... he is just a baby, does he really need to be entertained ALL the time- or is it possible that he could just BE?

What does it even mean to just BE? BEing can be described as taking a stress-free, hippie attitude, the kind where you notice and appreciate all the little things because you actually took the time to notice.

Not sure what I am talking about? Remember when you were a kid... when cell phones were big and clunky, when the now pocked sized Nintendo consisted of a big orange gun shooting at ducks! Of course you remember... how could you forget!? Those were the days when life was simple.... or should I say simpler then it is now. I remember playing with cardbord boxes for hours, pretending to use them as desk while we played school. I would even make my parents watch as I sat behind the cardbord box and pretending to deliver the evening news.

On rainy days, I would sit next to the window. Stare outside for hours, watch people as they passed by in their cars, bikes, some even cool enough to own roller skates. I watched the clouds take shape; imagined that they felt like fluffy white marshmallows. I would stare at the different lengths of grass- and found myself laughing at the thought of getting a haircut with a lawn mower! I appreciated the beauty that surrounded me, I could almost smell the rain and flowers through the window...

What did I learn most? I learned how to take notice of the little things, to step back and pay attention to detail..

And all I had to do... was just BE

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