Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sibling Rivalry?

Alhumdulillah, a lot of our friends have been having babies- this time for the second time around. I often hear my fellow Mom's talking about their older children (typically their first) having to adjust to the newest addition of the family.

I have even witnessed a first hand encounter where the elder sibling looked very carefully for the perfect opportunity to pinch his younger sister- as soon as Mom returns she finds her baby red in the face and crying as if... as if she just goooot beat-- and its because she just did!

For the sake of being fair to the little pincher in all of us- its not exactly fair to have to share everything thats been yours... well for your whole life. Right?

Babies on the other hand, are so purely innocent. They do not even know how to communicate, someone has to stand up for them.... Right?

What are some ways to sooth and comfort our children when it comes to sibling rivalry? How can parents make this transition easier for their children?

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