Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Lift your feet!"

I absolutely love this scene... it reminds me so much that regardless of being young or old, married couples are so much the same!

All couples tease each other, the way they act annoyed of each other- but secretly like it... it reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my Husband.

May Allah preserves our spouses and increase the love and understanding between us.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Womenpreneurs Show!

     Ladies mark your calenders Alif2Yaa will have a booth set up at the first ever Muslim Womenpreneurs show this Saturday April 2nd Inshallah from 12-5 pm.

Please come out with your family to support this amazing cause and all the Muslimah sisters who are trying to do it all, raising a family, running a home, practicing their faith and running their own businesses! Mashallah.

I will be educating all of you on Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and the Postpartum period. There will be tons of breastfeeding information and resources. I will be sharing some essential Doula tips and secrets, so if you know someone who is thinking of or is expecting- send em my way!

I will also be talking about my new services and of course plans for my blog!

There will be several other vendors with handmade goods, magazine subscriptions, children's books, hijabs, abayas, shalwar kameez, jewellery, life coaching and much more!

It will be held at:
Anatolia Islamic Centre

5280 Maingate Dr
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1G5

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet like a Plum

I am in love with this little girl. May Allah always keep her under his protection and care, Ameen. She absolutely so sweet, loving and accepting of others.

It absolutely is a reflection of the positive environment around her and a beautiful upbringing Mashallah.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Week in Pics- Upcoming Shopping Event!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here is a peak at our past week in pictures:

I saw an Octo Mom look a like. She was driving a Lexus and I was so sure it was her. I had to refrain from jumping out of the car and asking her to autograph my stomach... Joking ;)

Zaki's snack time. My parents got Mangos for us but they were tarty and not very sweet. Little guy still loved them Alhumdulillah.

Watching the snow storm. Bad weather makes even the little ones gloomy!

Nothing cheers up a grump and bad weather like some spring cleaning! Pakistani brooming styles!

The kiddies enjoying themselves at our potluck/playdate on Sunday

I have another special surprise for all you. As you all know having babies, raising children and giving gifts to our nephews and nieces can add up! This especially applies to myself because I LOVE to give presents. It prevents the heart from hardening and always a reminder to be soft and loving towards others. If you have a fall out with someone or even an uncomfortable relationship, sometimes just a small gift or card with kind words can change that situation for the better. Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because there is an amazing upcoming consignment sale! I remember when Zakariya was first born, I did not have anything against used items. I just "preferred" new things. Well as he got older, I saw how some of his toys had such a short lifespan and If I had known this, I would have definitely considered a used toy instead of a new one. Mashallah children grow so fast that its hard to keep up with all the things you want to purchase for them. Of course I would still be somewhat selective in what I purchase. Consignment shopping allows you to get the bang for your buck, you can purchase more items and what I like most is that you can often find antiques and what I call "treasures".

We purchased a beautiful solid wooden rocking horse for my little guy from a consignment store. I have not seen one like it anywhere else. It is such an antique and looks handmade. I am so thankful to have found it because now most rocking horses are made from plastic and wooden toys are very expensive. We were able to get our rocking horse for $20.00. I am still new to consignment shopping and have not purchased much anything used except for books. I am definitely more open and excited for these sales now that Zakariya is older.

Did you know a new book from Chapters can cost up to $10.00 while a used book can cost as low as $2.00 and it can be in almost perfect condition! I do recommend and follow a strict cleaning regime for anything purchased. I use my steam mop to sterilize whatever I purchase and if not, I use sanitizing wipes and alcohol and then rinse it with good ol' soap and water.

    7:30am - 11:30am

(for the public, most items 50%off)
12:30pm - 02:00pm
Where: St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church Hall
1541 Oakhill Dr.
Oakville, ON

Admission is $2.00
Proceeds from the door are being donated to
a deserving local charity.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday- DIY Ikea Kiddie Table

Jummah Mubarak! Please remember us in your prayers. Don't forget the importance of reading Surah Kahf on this very blessed day.

We prefer not to buy our little guy things or toys with eyes on them. We will make exceptions for toys that have a learning purpose. We have a toy chest- so we put all the toys with eyes away at night- so the Angels still come in our home. Alhumdulillah, this system works for us.

Anywho, so someone had gotten him this teddy bear when he was first born. I had just put it away in the closet for safe keeping. I guess Zakariya found it. He pulled it out while we were praying and wanted him to join in!

Trying to explain this one to him should be interesting! LOL

I know a lot of people of reading on a daily basis and I would encourage you to join in and comment on our discussions. It serves as a reminder that our network of Mama's is really more of a Sisterhood. We are all here with open minds and acceptance towards one another Inshallah.

Here is an extra Friday treat for those of you who have asked me to post more DIY projects.

While this was a perfectly good table to begin with, I wanted it to look a little more chic and to match with our adult decor. I was looking at the darker wood tables and could not find anything cheaper than $80.00, that's when I opted to make it a DIY project.

Make sure to tape and cover white area of chair first. Spray paint primer first and then dark brown spray spaint

End result tadaaa

Table: $29.99
Spray Paint: $7.99
Primer: Already had it (cost roughly around $5.00)
Total: $37.98

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Breakfast Time

Many of you have asked me what our typical breakfast looks like. Here is a little peak into what some of our breakfast routine looks like:

100% Quaker Oats, Unsweetened Applesauce, Cinnamon, Milled Flaxseed, Probiotic Powder...
Black bowl= finished product

I cook the oats on the stove. Add a little applesauce and cinnamon for flavor. Mix in the flax seed and then the pro biotic at the very end. 

*We did not but you can also add brown or cane sugar for sweetening 

** Probiotic powder is similar to the probiotic you will find in some yogurts, except dairy does not adhere well to our gastrotestinal tracts. It works amazing for regulating the stomach and digestive system. Its great for on going maintenance of your over all health. If you think your okay but have diarreah/constipation issues, heartburn, stomach acidity, allergies- just to mention a few; your system is probably stressed. Try the powder and Inshallah it will help along with diet changes.

For the rushed mornings, you can always take a short cut and use a packaged oatmeal. Keep in mind that it may contain other ingredients and preservatives.

Consider ditching the eggo waffle and sugary cereal and think of preserving your health and body for the sake of Allah swt.

If you have an easily distracted or selective eater on your hand, consider putting a time limit on your meal times. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete a meal. Also, make meal time fun. Even adults enjoy good company and conversation during their meals. Try meal time games, special meal time toys, a reward chart or pull out the occasional educational dvd. Be creative and be fair- don't try feeding your child something you would never even try!

My little guy loves cars, we have a sticker book and the stickers easily peel off and on. So easy to reuse! It also works great for when he has a couple of bites left, I tell him "almost finished, do you want a sticker?" and he will Mashallah finish his food =)

How do you make meal time creative & fun? Please share your ideas!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Mama Special Feature

I had the lovely opportunity to interview a friend and special Super Mama, Aasiya. I wanted to 'milk' her for all her experience but more than anything I want to break the stereotypes around parenting. There is no right way to do it, you just have to do what works for your family! Mothers are often each others toughest critics and I hope with time that eventually changes... for those of you willing to listen and learn from one another, here is what Aasiya had to say:

What does a typical day at your house look like?
We're a homeschooling family. We attend a playgroup once a week, Arabic/ Quran class twice a week, try to go to Jummuah every Friday, and library visits about every other week. Most people assume that because were homeschooling we have a very rigid schedule and do a lot of 'sit down work' but in reality we just kinda go with the flow :) I try to sit down with Yusuf (4 years) at least once a day to go over Surahs that he is memorizing, we also do some sit down work such as writing practice. Most of the learning that goes on around here is through daily experiences like talking about what we see when we go out, visiting people, looking up things that Yusuf is interested on the internet etc. We also do a lot of talking and practicing Quran when were in the car!

 How do you keep cost down- with toys/books/educational items/day trips?
I really don't buy much for the kids! We have a lot of family around (we all know how much Grammas love to shop for their grandkids!) so what I try to do is let them know things the kids need. I prefer kids to have fewer good quality / educational toys then a lot of cheaper toys. As for day trips, there are SO many things to do in the community especially for kids under 6yrs. Libraries and Early Years Centers are great, fun, educational and free! We also try to go places as groups to get discounts (with our playgroup) and I invested in a Science center membership for the year which we are totally loving!

Something else I do with the kids toys is rotate! I love doing this! We have a storage room so I keep a bunch of their toys in there (where they cant access). And every few weeks I rotate their toys. When toys which have been put away for a while come back out, its very exciting for them!

If you could give someone thinking about having a baby or a new mom any advice, what would it be?
Just go with the flow! Do what you think is best and feels right. Everyone is going to give different advice about what worked for them, but you really just need to do what works best for you! You will never ever be able to make everyone happy / accepting of your decisions, so as long as you're doing what pleases Allah SWT and your family (husband / self / kids) happy, then just go on doing that!

Also, to make lots of dua and always renew your niyyah (intention). As a mother you're bound to face difficulties.... but being grateful for what we have really helps to get through those tough days (no matter how bad your day is going, it could always be worse so we must thank Allah SWT for whatever blessings we have).

I am a convert and one thing that I found so beautiful about the deen when I first became Muslim was that any thing we do can be transformed into an act of worship. So reminding myself that cleaning my baby's butt may not exactly be fun, if I renew my intention that I am taking care of my child for the pleasure of Allah, it gives me more patient, and inshaAllah I'll be rewarded.

On days when the housework just does not seem to end- what gets you thru the day?
What works best for me when housework doesn't seem to end is just leaving it! I'm still working on this though because it is tough for me! I have a thing where I want the house to be clean all the time... I'm slowly accepting the reality that with kids, its just not possible. I really need to lower my expectations on myself! Not to say that its okay for your home to be a complete pig-sty at all times...But don't expect it to be spotless!

I try to have a place for everything, and limit the amount of toys that are out (ie. my storage room rotating thing). In the morning I make the beds and make sure the kitchen is clean, throughout the day I try not to fuss too much about toys being out. Then at bed time I get Yusuf to help me put everything away and then I do the rest once he sleeps. I find that if our home is clean at night which means I wake up to no mess in the morning, I'm more relaxed. For bathroom cleaning and more serious stuff, I usually do it on a day when my husband is home.

What are some ways you reward/encourage good+positive behaviour from your boys?
Something that worked really well with Yusuf was a 'good deeds jar.' You can check it out in detail on my blog here...

What if anything do you do especially for yourself, how do you find "me" time?
Yusuf used to nap until a few months ago but then I decided to cut out his nap which meant he slept earlier. My husband and I take time for each other to sit and have chai at the end of the day and reconnect. I think this is super important... for myself, and for us as couple. Its so easy to fall into the routine of just taking car of kids/house/bills and loose that connection with your husband. When Im happy in my marriage, I have more energy as a mother.

Recently Yusuf has started going for play dates without me... having friends around with kids the same age is a huge help! We take turns taking each others kids for a couple hours so alhamdulilah we get a little break. As a homeschooling mom, this is a big deal!

Staying awake after fajr puts SO much barakah into the day! Its something I dont do every day but would like to implement more often.

Jazakallah Khair Aasiya for teaming up with me for this fun feature! May Allah reward you for your efforts and put barakah in your time, Ameen. You can check out Aasiya's blog for some great home schooling ideas

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you wearing BLUE?!

Lets join together and support Autism awareness by wearing our Blue Hijabs on April 2nd Inshallah. May Allah put barakah in this great cause, Ameen!

Don't have a Blue hijab? Consider wearing a Blue neck warmer, a Blue pin- whatever you can do to show that you are thinking of all the families affected by Autism.

FYI: The movie night date has been changed to Saturday April 2nd, this is to accommodate more Mama's as well support the Blue Hijab day event. Please come wearing a Blue hijab so you can show your support for this amazing cause.

To save your seat, RSVP at, there are only a few spots left! See you there Inshallah (God Willing)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Week in Pics!

Look who I found in the bath tub on our way out with his jacket and shoes on. Someone is crazy for shower time!

Zaki & Nusi on their play date. Check out Nusaybah posing! Mashallah
My boys multi-tasking and apparently multi-socking as well ;)
You know your Mama is a Doula when you do this-- to your soccer ball! He thinks its a birthing ball!

Our trip to Whole Foods in Oakville... Droooooool!
Snacking on a favorite, cucumber.
Adorable kiddie sized shopping carts at Organic Planet

Which one is your favorite? I would have to say it is a tie between Nusaybah posing and Dad's multi socks!

Friday, March 18, 2011

You're Invited!

FYI- date has been changed to Saturday April 2nd Inshallah. Please wear a blue hijab to support Autism awareness!

All spots are FULL for this event!

Click on picture for details

Alif 2 Yaa is having our first ever Movie Night! Save the date for Saturday March 26th Inshallah at 7 pm.
Seating is LIMITED so RSVP now and save your seat!

We will be viewing the much talked about documentary "The Business of Being Born" (Co-produced by Ricki Lake, ex-talk show host) This film will change your views on childbirth and open your eyes to a new understanding of what your best birth means to you. It will prepare you well in advance for what to expect from the health care system here in North America and the statistics will SHOCK you, it is time to wake up and take control of your birthing options- giving birth is not a medical problem, it is a natural ability that Allah has given to our bodies Alhumdulillah.

Email: for more details

P.S- Jummah Mubarak, Please remember us in your prayers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy Day Care

It all started after our last pot luck get together ended in screaming babies, leaky diapers and spilled drinks on nice cream carpets. I decided the Mama's could take it no more- we needed to be able to actually have conversations again. I do not remember the last time I sat down with my friends without being interrupted by something baby related.

I think I finally lost it when I said to my friend "I am just nodding but I cannot actually hear you over the crying right now" we both just smiled at each other awkwardly and waited for the crying to stop. It never did. The end of the night came and left but I was left thinking about how relaxed the Daddy's seemed. Actually I happened to get a peek in to the Boys room because my little guy ran up the stairs. They actually had the door closed, can you believe that?! Block out all the noise and babies climbing up the stairs! Apart from the occasional check in, there was no disturbing their Boys club meeting.

I was all over my husband- how come the Dad's never watch the kids?! Why do the Mom's have to do everything? Mainly because I was frustrated, I mean we could not even hear each other talk. I understand that that the majority of children appreciate their Mother over their Father on a daily basis BUT children love to spend time with their Father. It is like a special treat! At our house we call it "Baby & Baba time" has a nice ring to it, no?

I sent out a few emails, picked a central location, a Restaurant for the ladies to have lunch and play place for Daddy Day Care. A couple of emails later the Wives Independence Day movement started. Here is what our plan looked like:

1) The Daddy Day care team was informed by their Supervisor (my hubby) not to ask any questions. What questions you ask? Questions like, why can't we leave them at your/my moms house and go to so and so's basement to play video games?!

2) The agreement was that any nursing/bottle fed babies/infants are more than welcome.  All other kids must be with their the dads (or sitter of your choice).

3) There would be a Daddy daycare session happening at Kidsport Indoor Playground, the dads would be watching the other non-baby kiddos at the gym until we were finished eating dinner a block away at Karamias Restaurant (we picked this because it is SUPER close to the gym, in case there are any emergencies or melt downs that need super mamas to the rescue!)

4) If you did not have have children, you were welcomed to come ANYWAYS- this was for all OF US! WE ALLLLLLL needed to catch up big time. Also, it was great training for husbands who are not yet fathers.

5) Voted for a suitable time/date slot

Over all the the plan was a success, Alhumdulillah (all praise be to Allah) While the Daddy Day care boasted about  it being so easy, it was a short two hours and they were in a giant playground. There were no diaper changes and no food. All of that was left for the Mothers to deal with after.

Still, we give a thumbs up to all of our Husbands for being such good sports. They were treated to take out from the same restaurant we had food from. Only the best for them.

As for the ladies, we had such a good time. At the beginning it was so quiet, I think it felt surreal. We talked about our education, work, goals, births and everything else in between. We even learned a few things about each other along the way. Alhumdulillah for great company. May Allah keep us amongst righteous company and righteous gatherings, Ameen.

Here are some pictures- excuse the bad quality, what do you expect when the Dad's are in charge?!

Click on me to read caption 

Click on me to read caption

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The story of Yusuf & Ibraheem

Kiddie of the Month Feature

This is Yusuf (4 yrs) and Ibraheem (1.5 yrs) after Yusuf participated in his first Quran competition.  Everyone who knows Yusuf knows he is totally obsessed with basketball, this has been the case since before he could walk... and his baby brother is following in his footsteps.  Yusuf is very social and extremely talkative.  I often have to distract him when we go out in public since hes well known to start up conversation with random strangers.  Ibby has been trying to walk for the last few months but will inshaallah hopefully be there before spring comes!  He is very different from Yusuf, he is fearless and has a very naughty side to him.  MashaAllah both boys are so awesome in their own ways and a huge blessing in our lives.  May Allah always protect them and give them the best in this world and the next, Ameen.

Dear Umm Yusuf (Mother of Yusuf),
Jazakallah Khair (may Allah grant you goodness) for sending this in, I am especially excited to feature your boys as my blogs FIRST kiddie of the month feature. I know them personally and could not have asked for a better duo to kick start this fun project! Ameen to your duas. What an adorable picture of these two brothers, Mashallah. May Allah always protect their bond and keep their hearts close to one another, Ameen.

*If you would like to feature your kids/ cousins/ siblings please email me at
Not only is this feature intended to motivate and encourage children in our community, it is also to let them know how much we appreciate them! Put a smile on your kiddie's face by posting a few lines describing their talents and attach a cute picture of them as well.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Don't Want a New Baby

"I don't want a new baby."
This was my oldest son Brian's response when I told him his father and I were expecting a third child. We'd survived the first round of sibling rivalry when his brother, Damian, was born. But now three-year old Brian had made his stand about this new baby, and neither logic, reason nor persuasion could budge him.
  Puzzled, I asked him, "Why don't you want a new baby?" With wide and teary eyes, he looked straight at me and said, "Because I want to keep Damian."
 Rosemary Laurey

While this story absolutely made my heart melt, I wondered if all siblings felt this way towards one another. Growing up, it was just my older brother and I. People often ask me if I longed for a sister or brother, but to be honest, I did not mind it being just the two of us. After all, we got individual attention and space- who would not want that? I had sisters in the forms of friends and cousins. I knew the day would come when I would have a sister in real life form- my brother did eventually get married and now I do have a real sister. I have brothers too- my husband has an older brother and a younger brother. So while growing up it was just the two of us- the branches of my family tree grew and now there even cute little fruit, in the form of babies and toddlers- blossoming on those branches, Alhumdulillah (All praise be to Allah)

What about you, how did your children react to their new siblings? Was is love at first bite =)
How about growing up- did you always *wish* you had more siblings? 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jummah Mubarak from ours to yours

Sorry for the late post. Things have been pretty busy around here today and I did not get a chance to post until now.

I hope you all have a good weekend... we are going to be having several changes here on my blog- I am very excited for the upcoming weeks Inshallah (god willing) and I am super excited to blog my way further into your hearts; did I really just say that out loud?

Please remember our family in your prayers.

Anyway here are some pictures as promised, of our completed black board.

My little artist in the making! Mashallah
Me and artist? Not so much!

Completed kitchen cabinets

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eating clean on date night

A couple of weeks ago we checked out Raw Aura, a restaurant we had been hearing great reviews about. The food was amazing, but probably not suitable for every palate. Its gluten free, dairy free, raw food- which just means its kept at a certain temperature so it is easier digested. We are striving to eat better as a family, this trip out was more about trying new things- instead of stuffing our faces with deep fried Chinese food  =p

Here is what the website says about using Raw ingredients : "By using 100% raw ingredients, this means nothing is heated above 43C / 105F. This retains the digestive enzyme, vitamin, and mineral content of one's dinner in its pure and natural state. These living foods are simple to digest, leaving the body light and energized since this simple form requires no extra energy from the body. Flavours are pure, fresh and intense, honouring the divine banquet provided by the earth"

Cool Huh?

And if I may add, even eating this food for one night, it did wonders for our digestive systems!

Why don't you give it a try, after all we should be preserving our health and body for Allah's sake.

Any who, check out their website:


A mix of kelp and zucchini noodles tossed in a light tangy maca infused almond butter based sauce with red pepper, fresh cilantro, romaine lettuce, red onions and topped with spiced almond bits.
Honestly, I had never tried zucchini before this and if no one told me, I would not even have known, what a good way to trick your kids into trying veggies!


Served warm, this red pepper and sunflower seed flax crust is topped with the chefs daily creation.
The pizza had kale on it, I have a new found love for kale! It taste awesome!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things you should never say to a Preggo

I really wanted to compile a list of things that really annoyed me during my pregnancy. To be fair, I think people who have never been pregnant do not know any better and people who have given birth should be reminded of better... so the purpose of this post is to actually REMIND all of us- including myself of the things we should keep to ourselves!

1) Can I touch your belly?
It's pretty awkward having someone touch your belly- unless the preggo says to you "my baby is kicking, here feel my belly" do not volunteer, its not exactly comfortable having someones hands all over your abdomen.

2) Aren't you scared?
I remember going to a family picnic where a girl asked me this repeatedly, I actually got really pissed off at this and said "I am actually more scared of people like you, why are you even asking me that" and walked away, I can't remember the last time I publicly told someone off but I was in my third trimester and could careless. It is not a productive question and it will not make the preggo feel any better- so do not bring up this point!

3) What are you naming him/her?
No one likes to give up their baby name... somethings are fun being left as surprises. Plus, when we do have the courage to share the name you might hear "I don't like that name"... Do not forget that you will be a preggo one day too Inshallah, you will get to pick your own baby names. Keep your opinions to yourself unless of course asked.

4) Wow you have gained/lost a lot of weight!
It is bad enough commenting on a woman's weight alone and then you throw pregnancy in the mix.
If you are not a Nutritionist/Doctor or expect of any kind, you are actually not qualified to have an opinion. There are different reasons behind a preggos weight gain and weight loss- we cannot make assumptions without knowing the medical history of the preggo- so save your weight tips for yourself.

5) Any bad labor stories
If you don't have something good to say, don't say it at all! You have to remember, when you share a bad story or something you read/saw on t.v- it may stick with the preggo and actually traumatize their view of labor and birth. You have no right to do that and would not want anyone to do it to you, please think twice before you speak.

6) Was this planned?
Ummm, how about you mind your business?! Not sure why everyone was so interested in this one, planned or not the baby is obviously coming- so what does it matter now? This is a very personal topic and while you think it may be funny to joke about, lets remind ourselves that as Muslims there are boundaries that we just do not cross.

7) So when is the next one?
How about you let me have this one first!? Oh and it is especially annoying when the person asking has not even had her first child yet. What do I look like some sort of baby making machine?

8) Are you hoping for a boy/girl?
Really all any parent wants is a healthy baby at the end of the day. While there may be hopes for a girl over a boy- or vice versa, at the end of the day a healthy baby comes first. Do not make the preggo feel pressured to pop out a girl after already having two boys... I mean this is something the preggo has no control over, no point rubbing it in her face.

9) Your life is going to be so different now...
Ya think?! As if we did not already know that- your awkward silence is in no way going to help us prepare for what is to come, please do not forget to wear a sensitivity chip on your way out! Most parents to be are in the process of realizing the changes that are to come and while they may be anxious and nervous to leave their old life behind, they get to experience something that only THEY will understand... and if you ask any parent, I am sure they will tell you the trade was worth it... but that is something that people without kids cannot always understand.

10) Your STILL pregnant!?
Seriously... I may look huge, but I am still weeks away from giving birth. If I was close to giving birth, I might not actively be in attendance at every event, but obviously I am- which obviously means I am still very much pregnant. Stop trying to do the math in your head, you will hear about the birth, don't worry!

Remember, there are still alot of things you can say to preggos, but its all about how you say those things. Your tone/expressions and body language has a lot to do with it. Don't compare preggos- to regular woman, they are overly sensitive and its a hormonal thing, they can't help it... but you can!

What do you think is most annoying from my list? Feel free to add your own comments!

Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Kiddie Lamp

As part of home renovation week, I am still sharing/posting some of my projects with you. This is mainly to encourage all you Mama's and Mama to be's to:
1) make a little go a long way, get the bang for your buck
2) have a creative outlet for yourself
3) be unique and encourage your children to be different

I was looking for a lamp for Zakariya's room for a long time. I was even willing to spend a good amount on the perfect lamp. After checking online and in stores- I just was not finding anything kiddie enough! Most everything was too adult like. I was also looking for something that did not have characters or eyes on it, which made the hunt much harder.

I figured the only place I would find the type of lamp I was looking for was of course a thrift shop. So off I went and of course I came home with the type of lamp I wanted all along! Alhumdulillah.

Here is what you will need:
A lamp
Spray paint
Craft paint
Adhesive spray (if your changing the lamp shade)

Lamp: $7.99
Spray paint: $0 already had it
Adhesive spray: $6.50
Craft paint: $2.50
Fabric: already had it
Total: $16.99

What do you guys think?


Half Way


Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Chalk board wall

So here is another completed project, 2 down a bunch more to go! Alhumdulilah.

Not only is the chalkboard wall affordable, it's perfect addition to any tots room. I can easily convert Zaki's room to a classroom whenever I need to- without needing a completely separate space. Many of us do not have a basement or extra room to use for homeschooling or just day to day learning activities, this way you can use the space you already have.

The only down side was that even after painting a wall and kitchen cabinets there was a lot of paint left over! I am selling the left over paint (about half a can) for $10 let me know if you want it! You will be able to do a good sized board, approx 4 meters. We did not even need to do a double coat on the kitchen cabinets, so not everything requires 2 coats.

What you will need:
A good brush
Painters green tape
Chalkboard paint (readily available at The Home Depot)

Total cost: $25, which was for the can of paint.We already had the tape and brush

I will post more pics of how it looks with actual writing on it later, we have to let it dry for 3 days before we can write on it.

You can do the entire wall or just do a portion like we did

Getting started...

Finished product!

I did some cabinets as well, just for kitchen memo's/menu/shopping list!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY Chic Mini Sofa

For those of you who did not know, I am a pretty crafty person... I think it has something to do with the fact that I am left handed. I love crafting- but mainly home deco projects. Iam thirfter at heart, who favors places like Kensington market... I love finding junk furniture and glaming it up!

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my recent projects on the blog, hoping to inspire all of you Mama's and Mama's to be (Inshallah).

Most of us have walked into Pottery Barn and fallen for an absolutely adorable mini kiddie sofa only to see the price tag and be disgusted... I mean why does kiddie furnuture have to cost more than adult furniture?!

I personally do not see a point in paying so much... and I also appreciate the beauty of making something your OWN, putting your own touch on it and most of all- itll be so much fun to tell your kids when they are older, "your Mama made that for you"

What you will need:

Couple safety pins
Glue gun
Staple gun
Couple yards fabric (I used approx 3 yards)
Mini sofa

Here is what the project cost me:

Mini Thirfted Sofa (I especially liked this retro model because it had a wooden frame base): $20

Fabric (fabric I had purchased ages ago, but my husband hated the print too much for me to use in the living room) I think it was $25-- if I didnt have the fabric laying around, I would have opted for a much cheaper fabric I could have purchased on sale, BTW fabric land is having a great sale on kiddie prints

Total cost: $45... beat that Pottery Barn!

BEFORE (check out the ugly animal print)

Half way there!

After: Completed!
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