Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Chalk board wall

So here is another completed project, 2 down a bunch more to go! Alhumdulilah.

Not only is the chalkboard wall affordable, it's perfect addition to any tots room. I can easily convert Zaki's room to a classroom whenever I need to- without needing a completely separate space. Many of us do not have a basement or extra room to use for homeschooling or just day to day learning activities, this way you can use the space you already have.

The only down side was that even after painting a wall and kitchen cabinets there was a lot of paint left over! I am selling the left over paint (about half a can) for $10 let me know if you want it! You will be able to do a good sized board, approx 4 meters. We did not even need to do a double coat on the kitchen cabinets, so not everything requires 2 coats.

What you will need:
A good brush
Painters green tape
Chalkboard paint (readily available at The Home Depot)

Total cost: $25, which was for the can of paint.We already had the tape and brush

I will post more pics of how it looks with actual writing on it later, we have to let it dry for 3 days before we can write on it.

You can do the entire wall or just do a portion like we did

Getting started...

Finished product!

I did some cabinets as well, just for kitchen memo's/menu/shopping list!


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