Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy Day Care

It all started after our last pot luck get together ended in screaming babies, leaky diapers and spilled drinks on nice cream carpets. I decided the Mama's could take it no more- we needed to be able to actually have conversations again. I do not remember the last time I sat down with my friends without being interrupted by something baby related.

I think I finally lost it when I said to my friend "I am just nodding but I cannot actually hear you over the crying right now" we both just smiled at each other awkwardly and waited for the crying to stop. It never did. The end of the night came and left but I was left thinking about how relaxed the Daddy's seemed. Actually I happened to get a peek in to the Boys room because my little guy ran up the stairs. They actually had the door closed, can you believe that?! Block out all the noise and babies climbing up the stairs! Apart from the occasional check in, there was no disturbing their Boys club meeting.

I was all over my husband- how come the Dad's never watch the kids?! Why do the Mom's have to do everything? Mainly because I was frustrated, I mean we could not even hear each other talk. I understand that that the majority of children appreciate their Mother over their Father on a daily basis BUT children love to spend time with their Father. It is like a special treat! At our house we call it "Baby & Baba time" has a nice ring to it, no?

I sent out a few emails, picked a central location, a Restaurant for the ladies to have lunch and play place for Daddy Day Care. A couple of emails later the Wives Independence Day movement started. Here is what our plan looked like:

1) The Daddy Day care team was informed by their Supervisor (my hubby) not to ask any questions. What questions you ask? Questions like, why can't we leave them at your/my moms house and go to so and so's basement to play video games?!

2) The agreement was that any nursing/bottle fed babies/infants are more than welcome.  All other kids must be with their the dads (or sitter of your choice).

3) There would be a Daddy daycare session happening at Kidsport Indoor Playground, the dads would be watching the other non-baby kiddos at the gym until we were finished eating dinner a block away at Karamias Restaurant (we picked this because it is SUPER close to the gym, in case there are any emergencies or melt downs that need super mamas to the rescue!)

4) If you did not have have children, you were welcomed to come ANYWAYS- this was for all OF US! WE ALLLLLLL needed to catch up big time. Also, it was great training for husbands who are not yet fathers.

5) Voted for a suitable time/date slot

Over all the the plan was a success, Alhumdulillah (all praise be to Allah) While the Daddy Day care boasted about  it being so easy, it was a short two hours and they were in a giant playground. There were no diaper changes and no food. All of that was left for the Mothers to deal with after.

Still, we give a thumbs up to all of our Husbands for being such good sports. They were treated to take out from the same restaurant we had food from. Only the best for them.

As for the ladies, we had such a good time. At the beginning it was so quiet, I think it felt surreal. We talked about our education, work, goals, births and everything else in between. We even learned a few things about each other along the way. Alhumdulillah for great company. May Allah keep us amongst righteous company and righteous gatherings, Ameen.

Here are some pictures- excuse the bad quality, what do you expect when the Dad's are in charge?!

Click on me to read caption 

Click on me to read caption


  1. Well written Hira. I love the captions, lol! Such great company is definitely a huge blessing. And ameen to your lovely duas!

  2. aw good job and is that aisha's daughter khadeeja in the picture :)) so cute!

  3. That does look like Khadeeja! :) I love the website Hira!

  4. Yeah its Khadija, although its a very blurry picture lol!

  5. love the idea hira! i really want to do this one day. N helps now but he's obviously too dependent on me to take care of H. now she doesn't need to be breast frequently either. ohhh this is getting me excited!


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