Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday- DIY Ikea Kiddie Table

Jummah Mubarak! Please remember us in your prayers. Don't forget the importance of reading Surah Kahf on this very blessed day.

We prefer not to buy our little guy things or toys with eyes on them. We will make exceptions for toys that have a learning purpose. We have a toy chest- so we put all the toys with eyes away at night- so the Angels still come in our home. Alhumdulillah, this system works for us.

Anywho, so someone had gotten him this teddy bear when he was first born. I had just put it away in the closet for safe keeping. I guess Zakariya found it. He pulled it out while we were praying and wanted him to join in!

Trying to explain this one to him should be interesting! LOL

I know a lot of people of reading on a daily basis and I would encourage you to join in and comment on our discussions. It serves as a reminder that our network of Mama's is really more of a Sisterhood. We are all here with open minds and acceptance towards one another Inshallah.

Here is an extra Friday treat for those of you who have asked me to post more DIY projects.

While this was a perfectly good table to begin with, I wanted it to look a little more chic and to match with our adult decor. I was looking at the darker wood tables and could not find anything cheaper than $80.00, that's when I opted to make it a DIY project.

Make sure to tape and cover white area of chair first. Spray paint primer first and then dark brown spray spaint

End result tadaaa

Table: $29.99
Spray Paint: $7.99
Primer: Already had it (cost roughly around $5.00)
Total: $37.98

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  1. Wow .. We have the same table for zunairah..but in its original color coz mine kitchen floor is oak:-) ...btw urz lookin so cool in darker.


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