Wednesday, March 2, 2011


On the way to the Mosque for Friday prayers we had a bit of a causality... my little guy was taking his coin bank full of money he had collected as donation for the needy. By collecting I mean, suckering the grandparents into filling the ceramic shoe shaped piggy bank- up until it could swallow no more coins!

So before we left Grandpa insisted that I take the piggy bank from Zakariya because "he will drop it"... I just wanted to get out of the door so we could make it on time for prayers. I figured I will get a picture of him with it and then hold onto it.

Well the picture never happened... as soon as we made it on to the tile floor, Zakariya dropped it and it broke. My husband joked about it, something along the lines of- "well that is how you open a piggy bank after all"... I gave him a cold stare. It was so freaking hard to find a coin bank that was not in the shape of a pig... not everyone thinks pigs are cute, what the heck is with that- ya know?!

If you are hiring for a piggy bank breaker/opener, we have a highly accomplished candidate for the job!

I had so much trouble explaining a broken piggy bank to my toddler, how will I ever explain a dead pet?!

Any similar stories to share Mama's?

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  1. aww..miskeen! he must have been sad (if he was too attached to it). You what you can do is make one!! I so agree with you about not being able to find NICE Sadaqah Jars (Piggy bank). I made one home with an empty plastic jar and now we are in the process of making another with CLAY that AR will paint and decorate inshaAllah. This the way the child will feel a connection with it. Hand-made things have a different type of value! and then Zaki can break it again!!

    I can soo see Abu saying that!! lol..


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