Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Week in Pics- Upcoming Shopping Event!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Here is a peak at our past week in pictures:

I saw an Octo Mom look a like. She was driving a Lexus and I was so sure it was her. I had to refrain from jumping out of the car and asking her to autograph my stomach... Joking ;)

Zaki's snack time. My parents got Mangos for us but they were tarty and not very sweet. Little guy still loved them Alhumdulillah.

Watching the snow storm. Bad weather makes even the little ones gloomy!

Nothing cheers up a grump and bad weather like some spring cleaning! Pakistani brooming styles!

The kiddies enjoying themselves at our potluck/playdate on Sunday

I have another special surprise for all you. As you all know having babies, raising children and giving gifts to our nephews and nieces can add up! This especially applies to myself because I LOVE to give presents. It prevents the heart from hardening and always a reminder to be soft and loving towards others. If you have a fall out with someone or even an uncomfortable relationship, sometimes just a small gift or card with kind words can change that situation for the better. Anyway, the reason I brought this up is because there is an amazing upcoming consignment sale! I remember when Zakariya was first born, I did not have anything against used items. I just "preferred" new things. Well as he got older, I saw how some of his toys had such a short lifespan and If I had known this, I would have definitely considered a used toy instead of a new one. Mashallah children grow so fast that its hard to keep up with all the things you want to purchase for them. Of course I would still be somewhat selective in what I purchase. Consignment shopping allows you to get the bang for your buck, you can purchase more items and what I like most is that you can often find antiques and what I call "treasures".

We purchased a beautiful solid wooden rocking horse for my little guy from a consignment store. I have not seen one like it anywhere else. It is such an antique and looks handmade. I am so thankful to have found it because now most rocking horses are made from plastic and wooden toys are very expensive. We were able to get our rocking horse for $20.00. I am still new to consignment shopping and have not purchased much anything used except for books. I am definitely more open and excited for these sales now that Zakariya is older.

Did you know a new book from Chapters can cost up to $10.00 while a used book can cost as low as $2.00 and it can be in almost perfect condition! I do recommend and follow a strict cleaning regime for anything purchased. I use my steam mop to sterilize whatever I purchase and if not, I use sanitizing wipes and alcohol and then rinse it with good ol' soap and water.

    7:30am - 11:30am

(for the public, most items 50%off)
12:30pm - 02:00pm
Where: St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church Hall
1541 Oakhill Dr.
Oakville, ON

Admission is $2.00
Proceeds from the door are being donated to
a deserving local charity.

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  1. the lady does kinda look like octomom! and i want mango's! anddddd can zaki come over and broom my kitchen please?! somehow everything i feed nusi falls out of her mouth and onto the floooooor =-} r u still gonna go to the consignment sale?


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