Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The story of Yusuf & Ibraheem

Kiddie of the Month Feature

This is Yusuf (4 yrs) and Ibraheem (1.5 yrs) after Yusuf participated in his first Quran competition.  Everyone who knows Yusuf knows he is totally obsessed with basketball, this has been the case since before he could walk... and his baby brother is following in his footsteps.  Yusuf is very social and extremely talkative.  I often have to distract him when we go out in public since hes well known to start up conversation with random strangers.  Ibby has been trying to walk for the last few months but will inshaallah hopefully be there before spring comes!  He is very different from Yusuf, he is fearless and has a very naughty side to him.  MashaAllah both boys are so awesome in their own ways and a huge blessing in our lives.  May Allah always protect them and give them the best in this world and the next, Ameen.

Dear Umm Yusuf (Mother of Yusuf),
Jazakallah Khair (may Allah grant you goodness) for sending this in, I am especially excited to feature your boys as my blogs FIRST kiddie of the month feature. I know them personally and could not have asked for a better duo to kick start this fun project! Ameen to your duas. What an adorable picture of these two brothers, Mashallah. May Allah always protect their bond and keep their hearts close to one another, Ameen.

*If you would like to feature your kids/ cousins/ siblings please email me at
Not only is this feature intended to motivate and encourage children in our community, it is also to let them know how much we appreciate them! Put a smile on your kiddie's face by posting a few lines describing their talents and attach a cute picture of them as well.


  1. aww...these two are such jaanus!! and there mom...I have no words for... My beloved mommy and her beloved kiddies <3. Ameen to your duas hun...I would like to add...May Allah make them a source of coolness for the eyes of their parent and a sadaqah jariayh (on going charity)" Ameen!

  2. aww cute mashaAllah :) Ameen to your dua! <3


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