Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Kiddie Lamp

As part of home renovation week, I am still sharing/posting some of my projects with you. This is mainly to encourage all you Mama's and Mama to be's to:
1) make a little go a long way, get the bang for your buck
2) have a creative outlet for yourself
3) be unique and encourage your children to be different

I was looking for a lamp for Zakariya's room for a long time. I was even willing to spend a good amount on the perfect lamp. After checking online and in stores- I just was not finding anything kiddie enough! Most everything was too adult like. I was also looking for something that did not have characters or eyes on it, which made the hunt much harder.

I figured the only place I would find the type of lamp I was looking for was of course a thrift shop. So off I went and of course I came home with the type of lamp I wanted all along! Alhumdulillah.

Here is what you will need:
A lamp
Spray paint
Craft paint
Adhesive spray (if your changing the lamp shade)

Lamp: $7.99
Spray paint: $0 already had it
Adhesive spray: $6.50
Craft paint: $2.50
Fabric: already had it
Total: $16.99

What do you guys think?


Half Way



  1. This is Awesome! Mashallah :) I didn't know ur an artist, TOO! great idea!

  2. wow mashaAllaah!
    love your creativity :)
    - Nadia M

  3. hera. WOW masha'Allah!! the final product is just beautiful.

  4. Thanks everyone. I am faaaaar from an artist, you guys can easily do this too!


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