Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY pasta sauce

It's true it's all from scratch. So much so that my husband was reminded of his childhood Italian babysitter, Nona! He describes her cooking as authentic homemade goodness, Can you say yummy? I will upload the steps of the canning method I used to keep this made from scratch, preservative free, organic and local pasta sauce fresh and ready to serve in my pantry.

Anyone else attempted this before? How did the sauce turn out?

P.s I'm using the blogger app, convenient!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Year of the Preggos

So Its been awhile since I have last visited. Things around here have been really hectic. It is the year of the babies. Mashallah, a lot of sisters are expecting this year. For me this means a lot of births to look forward to.

I always joke that every couple of years, we go thru a baby boom. We actually went thru this a few years ago when I was expecting. It was the year of the boys- Subhanallah I know 14 boys that were born that year! I wonder what it will be like this year? Anyway,  boy or girl- its definitely the year of the preggos. Do you know anyone who is expecting? Any chance you might have caught the baby bug ;)
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