Monday, October 10, 2011

At the Farmers Market

@ the Farmers Market a few weekends ago.
If you can't buy organic, buy local. If you buy organic , make sure its local. The great thing about the Farmers Market is you can ask about what types of sprays (if any) are used. If you go with a friend you can split your groceries and your cost. For the quantity of produce you get, its the bang for your buck. Its confusing to why we have confined ourselves to supermarket shopping only. It's actually really refreshing to get some fresh air and the best part is there are NO line ups!

Something I like to do to save time is to pre-cut ,chop and wash my produce. I just throw it in a reusable bag and its ready to toss into meals for the rest of the week. It works really well for when I am on the go and running behind on making dinner. We are running out of excuses not to have a salad around here!  Alhumdulillah, the absolute best part about this simple tip- is that it ensures that we throw less away because we use everything we have in our fridge.


  1. AsSalaamAlaiKum,
    I find that the prices at farmers markets are ridiculously high when compared to that of the superstores. And that is tha MAIN reason for people not visiting farmers markets so often. I love to see fresh produce and buy local as well, but I wish the prices were not that high..

  2. Walaikum Asalaam, many people think they are paying less when it comes to superstores, but they are actually paying based on weight and they are really not able to calculate how much they are getting for what they are spending. The quantity for the price at the Farmers Market is reasonable for what you get.

    We have this idea that we need to stock our pantry, freezer and refrigerator with food until they are completely full. Shopping local encourages the idea is to buy only as much as you need. This is because the product might actual go bad sooner because of the lack of sprays/pesticides to keep it “fresh”.

    The main thing to consider is that like with all things-- you pay for what you get. Quality ingredients will always cost more.

    I do agree with you and have wished many times that the cost of quality ingredients were priced lower. However, since then I have changed the way I look at it and feel that when you look at it like a lifetime investment, it does not seem so expensive.
    For our family quality food, good eating habits and nutrition is really something we strive for- so it is really a top priority. Sometimes that means having to give things up or living on a budget, but Alhumdulillah that we make it work.

  3. If we are really worried about the small portion of our produce bill, especially if its organic/local, WHY dont we question the majority of our spending? This is actually on junk and processed foods.

    When we stop going to restaurants, or eating fast foods, or even buying pre-packing foods, It is surprising to see that we can in fact afford quality foods!

    Here is the Website with the above Info:


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