Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kiddie of the Month: Styling Sisters Zayna & Haniya

Having 2 daughters is a real pleasure Alhamdulillah! Growing up with sisters I love seeing my daughters creating that special sisterly bond as they play and share.

Zayna is a talkative, caring and very curious 4 year old. She loves being home schooled and enjoys learning. This for her can mean asking A LOT of questions! She eagerly waits for her 2 year old sister to take her nap so we can do arts and crafts. This usually has something to do with the color blue, since its her favorite color.

Haniya is a very loving and friendly toddler. She loves to give hugs and kisses, especially to baba (her dad). She also loves to wear her Hijab and go to the Masjid. She even  insists on keeping her hijab on until she falls asleep!

Both my girls LOVE dressing up and accessorizing. They enjoy going to partys and weddings. MashaAllah they are blessed to have a big extended family and many caring friends around them all the time. They have their grandparents and great grandmother at home with them. They also visit their naani and naana (maternal grandparents) on the weekends. They have lots of fun playing "house" with their cousins and going to the park. 

Alhamdulillah I truly feel like its a blessing from Allah SWT and enjoy everyday with them no matter how busy or hectic the day is.

May Allah SWT protect them, and keep them smiling!

Ameen to your duas. I have had the privilege of meeting both your dolls. Mashallah they are both adorable and super fashionable. I always see them with their matching purses, shoes and hair clips. I have even seen them rocking matching outfits. Too cute! Your going to have to find them matching grooms! May Allah swt bless them both and keep them under his protection and care. May he make them amongst the righteous.


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