Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Stylish Birthing Gown?

I have noticed recently that expectant Mama's are expressing their desire for wanting a cute, stylish and practical birthing gown. I know what are you thinking... what about getting amniotic fluid on the gown?! Most Mama's slip into their stylish gear after the birth for some precious family shots.

Women have a variety of preferences as to what makes them feel most comfortable during labor and delivery. For some women, being in their most natural form is empowering and for others applying some make up helps them look and feel their best. 

Would you slip into one of these? Dolce Designer Hospital Gowns


  1. these are sooooo cooool

  2. I love these gowns!!! I always feel more in control when I'm dressed well.

  3. These are very cute. Smart business... $80 bucks for a one time wear is a little steep, but they are def marketing to the right group... We as women are believers in being more productive if we feel good. Personally though, I gotta say, I didn't care where I was, the time, who was there, what I was saying or how I was saying it... The desire for food trumped looking good. That was me though... ;)


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