Friday, April 15, 2011

Where are the scissors?

Sorry I have been away most of this week. I promise I have a good excuse, will post more about that later Inshallah.

I met a woman this week who has been married for 30 years, Mashallah.... but I could not help but wonder, even after all these years- do you think her husband knows where the scissors are?!

Watch below- to make sense of this =)

Does your husband know where the scissors are? Please reply YES/NO...
Happy Friday. Please remember my family and I in your prayers. Do not forget to read Surah Kahf today.


  1. LOL!
    YES :)

  2. Forget about knowing where the scissors are my hubby (the lucky guy) has never even used them. It still takes him an average of opening and closing 3 cabinets to find where the glasses are :)
    so the answer

  3. lol most likely not.. the funny thing is, just last night I pointed out where the scissors were to my hubby (may Allah swt bless him :) but if i were to ask him again to fetch them for me, i doubt he'll know where to look.

  4. True that...i would like to believe subconsciously my hubby knows where the scissors are but still the questions, he doesnt even remember where stuff in his own closet is or maybe its too convinient for him that i am there to help Alhumduli...lah. But believe it or not every night at dinner table same question is asked "honey where can i get extra napkins from?" and every night the answer is the same "second drawer from the right" *sigh*

  5. hahaha! that was funny...i think omar knows where the scissors are but that's cuz theyre in plain sight on his comp desk but u kno whats worse than the scissors? after 16 months of nusaybah being alive he STILL asks me where her onesies are...and as always i say FIRST DRAWER TO THE seriously!?!?!

  6. oh man i enjoyed that... i'm not married but i can definitely relate.

    this is the relationship between me and my sister.
    my sister is doug of course.

  7. You guys are SO funny! My husband insist that he only knows where things are if I give him directions- north south east or west... any other directions like "second drawer from the right" make no sense to him!

  8. Me testing Q

    Me~ Do you know where the scissors are?
    Q~ Which one?
    Me~ The scissors.
    Q~ The red, green or black handle one?
    Me~ We have a red and a green scissor???

  9. LOL this was funny.

    answer is NO. Hope he learns and remembers soon!!


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