Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our weeked in pictures- movie night & bazaar!

The Muslim Womenpreneurs Bazaar was a great experience. I was able to educate and create awareness in our community. Alhumdulillah, people were very welcoming and eager to hear and learn about pregnancy and birth. I also had the privilege of meeting several other women who enjoyed the opportunity to share their expertise. I left the bazaar feeling empowered as a woman and thankful that Allah has given me the ability to grow over the past couple of years. May Allah bless the organizers for all their efforts and for giving us the platform to showcase our businesses.

After a long day, I had a long evening to look forward to =) I had double booked the weekend and it was time to get ready for movie night. I went home, freshened up, cleaned up and asked my husband to set up the projector. The ladies, along with a few little ones arrived one by one. We started off with informal introductions, snacks and general discussions. After that we started the documentary "The Business of Being Born"... Subhanallah, I think there was not a dry eye in the house- I think it is safe to say that many people left with a different view of what their BEST birth should look like. They realized that they need to be more in control of their choices and have a voice. We had some great discussion and then called it a night.

I was really exhausted and Alhumdulillah for my amazing husband, who insisted I sleep in and watched Zakariya. It was the first time that I thought to myself...without feeling any denial about getting older- it feels so good to be a young woman and not a girl. Alhumdulillah.

Here I am posing with my booth. We had a public service announcement and a short documentary projecting from the wall about breastfeeding from La Leche League (an awesome support network for mothers who are thinking about breastfeeding or mothers who are already from birth to the toddler years; contact me for more info)

A view of the bazaar. This was right when the doors opened and only one side of the hall. Mashallah what a good turn out

The Mayor Hazel Mccallion checking out my booth

A creative and inexpensive way to decorate my table using some cord and laundry pins!

The gorgeous bump cake made by my very talented cousin Mahnoor. Not only did it look good, it tasted amazing! The cake was dairy free to cater to all the nursing moms at the event. For more cake enquiries, please contact:

Later on in the evening: this is what the movie night projector set up looked like!

Movie night potluck- amazing turn out! Alhumdulillah (praise be to Allah)


  1. so sad I missed everything!!!

  2. Hazel!! Awesome!

  3. Your booth looks awesome masha'allah!

  4. Selam aleykum...I was there ..I dont if u remembered me...i follow u..just want to telll....

  5. Walaikum Salaam Utku, Yes of course I remember you! Alhumdulillah so happy to see you are following. Please continue to read and leave comments ;)

  6. Salam. wow, how is it possible that I never noticed your booth? I was also there selling cupcakes. I guess thats why! Hope to meet you in the next bazaar Inshallah =)


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