Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Adventures of Dawoud

Kiddie of the Month Feature!

Dawoud is eleven and a half months now, and learning new things every day. He loves to watch my mother-in-law and me cook and usually wants the spoons that we are using so he can stir in the pots and pans with us. Nowadays Dawoud is working on one of the greatest milestones I think any parent waits for, walking! So far he is able to stand on his own, but once he takes, or tries to take a step or two, he falls right onto his bum.

Every baby has a fun thing that they do which their parents enjoy. Dawoud loves to pretend he is sipping tea from a cup. He will tell me to give him a cup, grab it by the handle, crawl around with it, and randomly take pretend sips from his cup with a nice big "ahhhh," once he has swallowed. It amazes me how such a small person could know and learn so much, SubhnaAllah!

Jazakallah Khair for telling us about your handsome little man! Mashallah not only is he a stunner but he has such a fun personality to match. You are absolutely right about walking as one of the greatest milestones. I still remember encouraging my little guy and my nieces and nephews until one day they surprised us all by walking ;) May Allah keep Dawoud under his protection and care, make him amongst the righteous, Ameen.

If you would like to encourage your little ones and their achievements (even getting a tooth counts!) please send a short description paragraph and picture to

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