Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

Zakariya's new activity is to eat paper when I am not looking. Do you think the teacher will believe me when I tell her- "my kid ate my homework!"

Gorgeous day at Erindale Park

My little big guy, Mashallah. He is loving independence.

Stylin' over the sunny weekend. He insisted on wearing a hat because the bright sun!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Lahore Tikka a Restaurant on Gerrard street with my parents. I was SHOCKED to see that they have a baby change/nursing room. This is a first ever in Pakistani Restaurant history, I still cannot believe it.

A good friend from Undergrad found some old notes we wrote to each other instead of paying attention in class... needless to say- I ended up marrying the guy ;) Alhumdulillah. What Allah has planned for us, is always better then what we plan for ourselves.


  1. lol @YZ. It's amazing how things work out. Alhamdulillah.

    and lahore tikka house is awesome!

  2. lol i like old notes, i go through some of the old notes my friends and i wrote to each other. they reminds us of how much things have changed over the years, alhamdulillah :)

  3. Abdullah wasn't even four months when we realized he had his hand in his dad's dinner plate and rice by his mouth :/ You realllly have to keep you're eyes on them EVERY second!

    And did you know square one has feeding rooms as well? I only found out the other day ~ I just love how much progress is being made to support breastfeeding.

  4. Yeah the old notes always make me feel so silly and immature, I wish I was still like that sometimes ;)

    Zahra, yeah Alhumdulillah breast fedding has come so far! Sherway Gardens has amazing nursing rooms. I was just shocked to see a Pakistani Restaurant follow- it was amazing to see! I hope more can learn from it Inshallah (God willing)


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