Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spelt Crust Pizza

Spelt is a delicious alternative to wheat and white flour. I made this yummy spelt crust pizza and wanted to share the end result my readers. Its a great option for those selective toddlers who are very specific when it comes to eating. Pizza is a great way to sneak in some veggies and offer a variety of different textures like spelt.

What you will need;
Pizza Sauce
Spelt Crust (easily available at any natural inclined grocery store OR spelt flour  to bake your own)
Veggies of your choice
Rice cheese (a great alternative to dairy)

Tadaa- the finished product

Rice cheese is a great substitute for those of you who choose to avoid dairy for your little ones. We all know dairy is especially hard to digest for adults and can be even tougher on our little ones stomachs. Of the five foods that account for 75% of food allergic reactions, dairy and wheat are two of them. Please be open to trying it before you reject it. Give alternatives a chance. Your body is a trust given to you by Allah. Take care of it. Or you may have to learn this the hard way... May Allah protect us all.

Your body is listening to your mind. 1/3 of the healing the body is thinking good thoughts. Think positive and positive will happen. Think negative and negative will happen.

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