Thursday, April 21, 2011

Metalliic Paint- Kiddie Craft

We got these fun metallic paints

Here is what they look like opened up

Instead of using the paint brush, we opted to make it toddler friendly finger paint instead

Mashallah- the finished product. I loved the pearl effect!

The only down side to these markers were you have to open a seal before using them. I did not know that and my little guy was getting restless waiting for me to open up all the paints. Please make sure to have them ready to go now that you know about the seal.


  1. cute! nusi wants a pic she can put up in her room!!

  2. thats cute mashallah! u always have great ideas... just wondering, are these paints safe to ingest?

  3. Even if the paints say they are safe... I wouldnt let my kid ingest anything that was not actually safe to eat, feel me?

  4. yeah i feel ya... i mean like ingesting the fumes... ...... i really really love the idea but... im worried leena may ingest unsafe fumes from the paint?

  5. there were no fumes or anything like that... you just have to watch her and limit the time she plays with them. you have to be there and supervise- you know shes going to play with it sooner or later so its better to prep her and most of the paints are non toxic anyway

  6. Samira, if you're worried about the paint fumes, you could try using yogurt and different food colouring, it's safe in case she ingests it. i haven't tried it with Hayaa yet, but i'm planning too soon :)

  7. right but if your like some moms who avoid dairy products then even yogurt doesnt work. food coloring also contains dyes. I think you as long as you supervise what is going in their mouths you should be okay... as they get older most children grow out of putting everything in their mouth, but every child is different.

  8. jazak'allah khayr for the ideas.... im just askng bcs ive been wanting to do painting with leena for a while but have been worried about the fumes and having her breath them into her little tiny body... call me paranoid but im a mom and just like any other, i will worry lol....maybe ill do some research on this as well inshallah


  10. What about crayons and chalk? They say they’re non toxic but do you really know what all those ingredients are? Art products do not have to list the ingredients that are in art supplies and the ‘non toxic’ finger paints and chalk your children use have been known to have all sorts of chemicals and dyes in them that aren’t exactly wonderful for little one’s to stick into their mouths.

  11. thats a quote from:

  12. seems like homemade paint is a good option... : Safe Craft Recipe for Homemade Edible Face Paint for Toddlers

    1 box of liquid food coloring
    1 tablespoon of solid cooking shortening
    2 tablespoons of cornstarch


  14. lol Samira! I have not seen the post yet, but i would just like to say yogurt paint is awesome! we did at our house with food coloring (although yes hira they have dyes, but we still add them in foods).
    If you want to be extra precautions, we used turmeric powder and a slice of cut beet, it was lots of fun for both H (our toddy) and AR our preschooler. Although I use crayons and pencil colors, I always wash there hands thoroughly after. I am not to much of a chalk fan but I love this website they have a eco-friendly chalk recipe and many other things.

    Hira is so right, you have to always supervise the child unless they are old enough to be on their own.

    we tried homemade finger paint with this recipe it was fun!
    1/2 cup cornstarch
    3 Tbsp. sugar
    1/2 tsp. salt
    2 cups cold water
    food coloring

    SubhanaAllah kids are so easy going and fun loving that they will enjoy with the simples things you can try Goop too if you like to let it get messy with kids, its safe and easy.

  15. I have not seen the post yet...but I promise to get back to it inshaAllah...I am so overdue on your blog! lol

  16. Samira, you could always throw a pair of old gloves or mittens on her.

    Everything is absorbed by the skin, including the chlorine in the water we wash our hands with... So there are probably other toxins she is exposed to regularly that yo......u should be more concerned about. You can get a chlorine filter for your shower head. It's great Mashallah that you are conscious about this and all moms have different concerns- I personally base it on the frequency because there are FAR more chemicals in things we use on a daily basis- like what you eat, what soaps/cleaners you use, the water you drink then there is in doing a kiddie craft once in awhile.

    I would take rafias advice and use actual food as a coloring but I would skip the yogurt because the dairy properties and leena is still under the age of 2. Naturopaths and several pediatricians advise waiting until after the age of 2 to introduce dairy. I would try applesauce or another clear alternative instead.

    Try the beets, turmeric, cinnamon just to get started.


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