Thursday, January 27, 2011

A much needed... salaat break!

Zakariya was busy playing at his grandparents house when he realized it was time for salaat. He had a short conversation with himself and then decided it was time to pray- shortest but cutest prayer ever, don't ya think? You can hear him whispering some verses- or so he thinks =)

My parents got Zakariya this tiny prayer mat when they went for umrah. Mashallah he loves it! It's like he knows it is tailor made to his size, he usually just prays next to his baba and at some point leaves and comes back only for ruku!

We try and make salaat time an exciting time around the house. Especially times when we are all at home to pray together. I think it is really important to have your kids around when you are praying- It really does make them comfortable around the beautiful words of the quran/recitation and of course dua. I love when my little guy puts his hands together to make dua, it completely melts my hearts more than anything else.

May Allah make him amongs the righetous and may he have the ability and strengths to work in Allah's way and may he be of those who forever leave lasting contributions to the deen ul Islam (Ameen)

How does your family encourage salaat, dua and quran into your baby or toddlers life?

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  1. All of last ramadhan I made qiyam in khaleds room and he would fall asleep to the sound of praying. I did not realize that he had memorized surah fatiha as a result! Its been a year mashaAllah and he is a regular at friday prayers. He is very controlling and sort of ODD, so everytime we are in the mosque I get him to do at least one sajda and he makes three duas for himself, one in arabic alhamdulillah. He has been found in corners of the house praying perfectly (actions but no words) mashaAllah. One day I hope he will decide to join people in congregation.

    This ramdhan we are concentrating on dikhr. He is obsessed with couting on his fingers. HE never realized he had sections in his fingers I guess! lol so now I hold his hand and do simple short dikr and he "lets me" - but I knwo from experience now that seemingly he may look not interested, but his mind is absorbing everything inshaAllah.


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