Monday, January 10, 2011

Kidsport Family Fun & Indoor Playground

We drove by this place so many times... over winter break I finally decided it was time to venture on over and check it out.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Kinda germy... the whole ball pool idea, touching all those toys... Does anyone even clean them? I was tempted to pull out my antibacterial wipes but a kids gotta be a kid. So I left sanitizing and showering for after we get home.

2) Say what??? Only $5.31 for admission (if your child is under 3 but over 1) for unlimited hours of play!

3) Several parents kept themselves busy while their kids played, some were studying others were socializing. Good idea for those of you who have been trying to get through your book all month.

4) Lots of space for the toddlers to run around... W I L D !!!

5) Beware of children who gaurd their forts... what you don't know what I am talking about? You know those kids, they gaurd a toy until it is time to go home... all while you are coaching your kids on patience and waiting for their turn... but the turn never comes!

6) Eat before you go, no outside food allowed and the inside food options were not sounding very nutrious or appetizing.

7) Be prepared for an amazing evening off- Zakariya was soooo tired after all this play, it was like he has a workout at the gym. I got to enjoy the evening off while my bebo slept earlier than usual.

8) Take friends! I asked my younger cousin Hibah to come with us... super good idea for when Zakariya got stuck in the ball pool, she just jumped in with him and kept him company... I think it may have been against the rules though, but thats because shes 13 years old.

9) Wear socks... otherwise your kids cannot go in.

10) It reminded me a lot of the McDonalds playplaces we used to go to while growing up.

For the price, gym work out and over all fun my bebo had, we will for sure go back Inshallah.

Who wants to come with?!


  1. is this kidsport?
    ya there are tons of places like this.. we started going more once i had ibby... sadia n i go together alot. its great to meet up with friends.. mommas n kids can socialize.. have you tried an early years center? balls of fun?
    lets meet up one day inshallah :)

  2. I really like this thing but i think its not available in my area. I need this stuff cuz I wanna study while my baby is busy playing! At home, it seems almost impossible. I'll look it up in my area and try this inshallah.

  3. After reading your post, I looked into a nearby early years center. I plan on taking Hafsa there inshaAllah. I crave going out of the house these days. I think this will be good.


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