Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wedding Time

This weekend was jam packed, my husband's good friend got married. It was our first time going to a wedding with Zakariya walking. I had guessed ahead of time that he would get bored of sitting in our laps. Didn't anyone tell you? These are the prime years, the age to discover... to touch all the decor, climb the stage and push other children when no one is looking.

Here is how we got through the weekend, it was pretty successful for the most part Alhumdulillah:

1) Make sure your kids are wearing cute but comfortable clothing. Sure, you want them to look cute, but you are sure going to regret it once they start itching and scratching all night because the work on their shalwar kameez (Bollywood inspired outfit) starts giving them an itchy rash.

2) Pack extra snacks; if it is a Indian or Pakistani wedding expect the food to be served late. Chances are the kiddo will get hungry. We fed Zakariya before leaving home- but he got hungry again once we got to the hall, Alhumdulillah my sister in law packed some extra snacks for the kiddos to keep content until dinner was served.

3) Take turns alternating between the guys table and the girls table. What I mean by this is- if you like us generally sit at segregated tables (one table for the husbands, one tables for the wives) it helps to alternate, this keeps the kids entertained with different people to meet and greet as well as not having to sit at the same spot for too long. If you happen to sit at the same table, try and alternate so that you each get in your own time to socialize; weddings are no fun if you are on cranky baby duty all night.

4) Try to find seating in the back, this way kids have some room to run around and there is extra room to park your stroller.

5) Make sure to pack some never seen before- or special occasion toys and books. It's like opening a new toy all over again and this keeps the kids busy for a decent amount of time!

6) Feel free to let other people hold your kids; they are trying to give you a break!

7) Move all the silverware as soon as you sit down, otherwise there will be a lot noise during the speeches... and yes people will turn around and give you bad looks.

8) Expect your kids to make some new friends for the night; don't worry too much about them picking up bad behavior for life... chances are the friendships will not be lasting and they will forget each other until the next wedding.

9) Be fair, allow your kids some time to be free and run around (in the lobby or hallway) they are kids... you cannot expect them to sit in one spot for the entire night!

10) Most importantly... do not forget the traditional bride and groom picture with baby in middle picture, no bride or groom looks complete without a baby that is not theirs on the lap!

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