Monday, December 20, 2010

Eating on the GO

I have wanted to take Zakariya to the pet store for a few days now. He is crazy about all the dog’s he has been seeing around the building. He gets super excited and starts pointing and screaming “bobo!” that’s what he calls dogs. I never really noticed this before, but a lot of dog owners kind of resemble their dogs! I mean that in the nicest way possible. For example, there was an elderly woman sharing the elevator with us and she for sure was rocking the same hairstyle as her dog, same color and all. My husband was the one who pointed it out. Alhumdulillah, I do not have to worry about his gaze being lowered if those are the kind of things he is noticing (just kidding hubby!)

I like going to Sherway Gardens mall. It consists of elderly shoppers and hip Mama’s like myself! There is actually room to walk and get this- even room to push around your stroller without bumping into other strollers! However, that being said it is Christmas time- and difficult to avoid the holiday rush regardless… and there is no escaping the annoying Christmas carols blasting on the highest volume in every store.

Mall food courts do not have very many healthy options available… But I will give Sherway Gardens some credit- their food court is better than most. I was thinking about what I could get for Zakariya- I completely grew up eating French fries anytime we went out. Mainly because we never had halal options and also because I hated vegetables… fries were affordable and I ate them in large amounts- this made my parents happy in hopes that I would become the fat chubby child of their dreams. I ate fries up until my teenage years, even in twenties- but still never became the chubby child that they dreamt of… of course until I got pregnant… but I will blog about that another day!

I scouted around looking for what I could offer my little guy- I wanted to give him some variety other than fries… but I also did not need to buy an entire plate or dinner… just enough to feed him really. I ended up at Villa Medina. I bought a skewer of chicken breast and side order of rice- and then kindly told the man at the cashier that it was for a small child… to which I think he may have lowered the price, because somehow it only came out to $5.00. Alhumdulillah, my intention was pure and for the sake of Allah (to preserve my little guys health and body) Allah subhana ta alla always makes it easy for us!

I was pretty satisfied and so was my bebo! Here are pics of him enjoying his nutritious meal and later his dessert- a date (kajoor) and there he is checking out some fish at the pet store.

How do you keep your little ones eating healthy on the go? Any tips?


  1. First time commenting! Now that I'm on Mat leave, I love all this 'free' time (when I'm not feeding or sleeping :)

    The only time my parents took us to eat in food courts was after Jummah. Ironically, we always went to Sherway Gardens, and we would get a falafel. Healthy but yummy for kids.
    And for dessert, me and my sisters got to go to the toy shop and pick something ~ I always chose a book. I was such a book nerd lol.

  2. i always have snacks in my diaper bag.. raisins, crackers, dried fruits etc.
    btw, have you ever taken zakariya to big als? yusuf LOVES it there... they usually have a shark too :)

  3. keep a fruit that the child likes. or any other finger food that the child enjoys most. eg carrots, cucumber etc


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