Monday, November 29, 2010

Foogo Straw Sippy Cup

We all know how expensive having children can be… and to be honest, one of the things I have had struggled with the most was justifying some of those purchase- especially if they did not come from gift money.

I have learned with everything that if I got my money’s worth- then it was probably worth whatever I spent on it. This brings me to the topic of conversation- or blog today… why I finally bought the $20 sippy cup:

1) It is BPA free and stainless steel. We like to use glass bottles, it only made sense to continue in avoiding plastic

2) This cup does not leak at all, flip it over backwards, sideways, upside down- you name it… it will not leak… all the other cups leak like crazy- which just means you have to keep your kids in bibs and constantly need to change their clothes… why not just buy a leak proof sippy cup?

3) Keeps beverages cool

4) Easy straw suction- the last sippy cup we got for Zaki was impossible to suck out of, we were shocked because we tried it and almost hurt our brains trying to drink out of that thing

5) Has a cute lid/snap on cap- to keep the straw germ free!

6) You can order replacement straws once wear and tear happens to your old one

7) Light weight, baby and toddler can handle holding them… baby can probably use the spout cup to start off with

8) Come in blue or pink- gender colors if you care to match your baby to their cup!

9) Easy to wash and easy to clean- you may need to purchase a small bottle brush and use the small bottle brush side to clean the inside of the straw

10) Yes they are pricey… but buy 1 or 2 and it will save you money in the long run… don’t even bother buying other brands

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