Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bumbo Baby

Here is an old picture of my little Bebo in his Bumbo baby. Obviously looking at the picture his stomach muscles were just not developed enough to handle the strength needed to sit upright in that thing- however, in due time he did grow into it.

I decided to spice things up a bit and do a product review for a change. This is to save all you expectant mama’s some money in advance- you can thank me later. This is also to give all the experienced mama’s out there a little credit for all the “I told you so’s” and pre-warnings they tried to give all the expectant mama’s.

Here is what I liked about the Bumbo:

-it has a cute 70’s retro look to it
-it is totally safe and baby proof, no sharp edges
-it did help baby get the hang of sitting up right
-baby hung out in bumbo from time to time
-came with a cool attachable tray- can be used to put toys on
- I got it as a gift
-comes in a cute box; great for storage

Here is what I did not like:

-the price, at $64.99 is it OVER PRICED; oh and you have to buy the tray separately
-it was used for a short time before our baby got bored out grew it because he was happier in his baby gym
-I tried to use it for meal time, not the best eating position and this caused for a lot of spit up
-for babies who spit up a lot or babies who suffer for GER (gastro reflux) this product has a short lived life span

So, Mom’s to be- do yourself a favor… buy a used bumboo or consider using one as a hand me down. Chances are the person you are getting it from did not use it much to begin with!

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