Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give Give Give me AWAAAAY!

Drum roll please…

As promised, here is our very first give away! It is an IGym Yoga and Exercise mat! Finally an excuse for all of us to get off our butts!

The contest is open to all single ladies, newly married brides, married aunties, mama’s to be and full time mamas!

To enter send an email to and tell me in a few words- why you like reading my blog, and why you keep coming back for more! Simply take a few minutes and put together a list of things you love about or love seeing/hearing/watching kids and babies do!

The contest will end Thursday Nov 25th, 2010. I do not like the idea of a lottery style, luck of the draw, game of chance- style of picking a winner. So I will be reading the all the entries and picking a winner myself.

If you feel like being extra creative, feel free to attach a picture of your cute self, kiddos or any image of your choice.

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