Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Stomach is the size of a Pumpkin!

Well now that Halloween has passed, I thought it would be a good idea to blog a sort of emotional vomit type of post. I did not want to do it before hand because I would rather our house not get egged!

Maybe some of you can help me with this one… Especially because I know I will be stepping on some toes. But in my defense- I am far too ‘religious’ and ‘old school’ for some of your liking anyway…

Why is it that we confuse the heck out of our kids?! What is with the crazy elaborate celebrating of ummmm EVERYTHING?!

Why is it that parent’s do that again?

We send our children to Islamic school and then we encourage them to celebrate Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day- all the holidays that we all know are not celebrated in Islam.

Parents should try to give their children an opportunity to decide. Explain it to them- and I think you would be surprised to see them understand and accept proudly why muslims celebrate Eid and look forward to Fridays, Umrah and Hajj rather than celebrate non muslim holidays.

Honestly, have some of you even tried reasoning with your kids?

Anyway, my parents totally let us go trick or treating but in their defense, they simply did not know the fiqh of it.

I am living proof of the fact that despite how cute the costume may look at the time, 20 something years down the road… no matter how many times you look at the pictures or which angle you try looking at them—they will never be cute. It is actually pretty embarrassing. In fact, I cannot even explain what my costume was, neither can my parents. Who knows how many cavities and pork gelatin I had that night.

Growing up, I remember hearing all sort of crazy stories about Halloween candy being tampered with. Finding steel nails in a cherry flavored tootsie roll pop! I am out of the loop on this one, but are parents doing a safety check to see what their kids are eating?

Dear Parents, do your children a favor. Have a vision now for the things your children will love and not love for the sake of Allah subhana ta alla. Plan NOW, create the network NOW, think of the alternatives NOW!

AND in the event that you already have children… buy your own candy, throw your own party- preferably on a day that is not celebrated by people of strange pagan fetishes but rather on a random day of the year (any day) and party your bums off- just not to someone else’s drum, try dancing to the beat of your own duff. Life is much sweeter that way.

Halloween you suck- you leave me with memories of strange fairy whiskered clown girl who is devoted to shopping at Highland Farms, even on the spookiest of nights.


  1. Jazakillahu khairun Sister Hira!Mashallah this was an amazing read :) We see Muslim kids at Islamic school talking about going trick-or-treating on Halloween and we, well certainly I, feel ashamed! Its time Muslim parents should wake up..or they're gonna be the last 'Muslim' generation here in the West! May Allah protect us from these fitan ameen.

  2. Maheen Fareed AhmedMarch 9, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    This is absolutely amazinggggggg...Good job Hira :)


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