Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pajama Mama!

Unlike real jeans, it uses Dormisoft fabric (a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex) that’s both stretchy and cushy, yet gives off a very jersey-like feel. Inside, it’s completely brushed, making it as smooth as fleece. Basically, it’s really just a pair of casual pants that should be so soft and comfortable, you wouldn’t mind wearing them to bed. Like a more stylish pair of mom jeans, probably.

Are you serious? These are weirder then the SNUGGLY! I am not sure how to react to this...

CALLING ALL mothers to be & postpartum mama's!

Apparently, there is a pajama turned jean- that is Mama friendly. Can you imagine being comfortable and still looking cute? This would be my husband's dream come true. It would be like the newly married days, when I would actually wear my skinny jeans... or when I could actually fit into my skinny jeans.

Here is what I am thinking, if I get these:

1) I will look HIP at all times
2) I can trick my in laws into thinking I am dressed up, even under my abaya
3) It looks like they can handle a little baby spit up
4) They look stretchy and remind me of maternity pants.... HOW COMFY!
5) I can wear them to sleep

Yeah... I probably will not be buying them. For some reason, they still creep me out. Is anyone into these?

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  1. lol...i got Hanan a pair of jeggings (denim looking skinny jeans) and they look soo nice but the best part is they feel like stretchy cotton for her. I personally dont like skinny jeans... and specially the look of skinny jeans and flats (its just my prefrence...a lot of people love them and that is fine/great).

    But if anyone is interested in really comfy skinny jeans that really look like jeans and feel like PJs...check this out...

    and be the really comfy Pajama Mama...

    luv to zaki!!


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