Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buckle Up!

Sooo I have some EXCITING news!

1) My apologies for allowing the blog to go a bit 'dry' (I have some personal reasons for this, but I am feeling re-energized and ready for a fresh start) So starting now, I will be posting more often.

2) I will be adding a new feature called Kiddie of the month, SO excited to meet some of your cutie pie kids. I will post details later. You can email me at and enter your children to be apart of the fun!

3) Give aways! I was a little unsure about this one... but then I thought what the heck- I should reward all you devoted MAMA'S for all the hard work you do every single day.

4) If you are excited say alhumdulillah!


  1. alhamdulillah :)
    just came across your blog hira! can't wait to read more
    - Sabah

  2. cute mashallah...
    can i enter yusuf or ibby for the kiddie thing? lol
    im excited to follow ur blog inshallah
    -aasiya <3


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