Friday, July 9, 2010

My breastfed baby (almost) turned toddler

Ever heard the expression that time Flies? Whoever said that was not kidding- time really DOES fly. My little man Zakariya, is growing by the minute. With each passing week, he is adopting new traits to add to his personality.

Currently, he has taken on the role of an explorer. Just like Dora the well known explorer. He has been crawling through a maze of branches (our dining room table legs and chairs) rugged terrain (or cushy beige carpets) and mountains tall and wide (otherwise known as the staircase). When his limits are reached and he is ready to break… I chime in, breast in hand. Mom to the rescue! After quenching his thirst, re-planning his route and taking off yet again for another adventure… I stare at him silently, adjust my nursing bra and think to myself- a little breast can go along way in that world of his.

My baby turned (almost) toddler will face the world which is his oyster to explore and even when our journey of mothering at the breast comes to an end- the benefits of it will forever remain.

How have you chimed in and "rescued" your little one through the breast?

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