Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Grandparents

My little man and I were out today running errands. An elderly gentleman approached us. He had a long white beard and cane, he sweetly greeted us, gave us Salaams and shook Zakariya's hand. Then to my surprise he took out his little coin purse and gave Zakariya a looney (canadian dollar coin) he gave him many duas and told him to take care of his mom to which Zakariya happily said Okay!

I miss being surrounded by elderly people. I think back to my childhood and remember being surrounded by a group of all the grandparents. They just don't make old people the way they used too ;) I especially miss my grandparents. I was blessed to have met my great grandmother a few weeks before she passed. I remember holding her frail hands and running my hands thru her thinning hair. Alhumdulillah I was raised around my paternal grandmother and have so many lasting memories with her. I still remember sinking into her soft bear hugs and hearing her childhood stories. May Allah grant all of our grandparents the highest level of jannah.

What are some memories you can remember with your great grandparents or grandparents? 

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